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Fool's Gold

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Fool's Gold, Rivervale
Fool's Gold, main bar
Fool's Gold, main bar
Fool's Gold, storage area
Fool's Gold, upstairs bar
Fool's Gold, upstairs bar, brew barrel

Perhaps one of the most iconic taverns in Norrath, Fool's Gold is well known for it's specialty brews, excellent accessibility, convenient brewing barrel and supplies, and of course it's natural halfling charm. This landmark is a centerpiece of the town, located prominently in the main square along with the bank and warriors guild building.

Fool's Gold is also home to the Rivevale Rogue guild. Built around the trunk of an old giant tree, this small fortress has two levels of tavern space as well as an upper platform where Grandmaster Rogue Lendel Deeppockets keeps a watchful eye over the city. Lendel and his team supply the city with their very own brew: Lendel's Grand Lager, perhaps to help them overlook all the rogueish business they conduct about the city. Served in a unique orange ceramic jug, it's a favorite among many and this is the only place in Norrath you'll find it.

The main bar is on the first floor, with two entrances opening up to an exceptionally large bar counter encircling the room. More members of the Deeppockets family serve Lendel's Grand Lager along with a small selection of other standard brews. A true collector will also be excited to see the availability of a Fool's Gold Stein which is hearty enough to double as a small blunt weapon in addition to retaining beer.

Many rogue activities can be found throughout the bar if you spark up conversation with some folks. Rueppy Kutpurse, for example, has a thirst for for some Short Beer (which is not available in Rivevale, surprisingly enough) and is also looking for help smuggling in a Case of Blackburrow Stout brewed by Golbins!

Upstairs there's a second bar with plenty of seating available at multiple bar counters. A functional brew barrel is also located here, and most basic brewing supplies can be purchased nearby from Burtle Barrelbelly. The greenest of Rogues may want to talk to Toelia Snuckery here about recovering some Rogue assets for the Deeppockets.

City: Rivervale
NPCs: Blinza Toepopal, Bouncer Bogglebin, Mac Deeppockets, Flyndia Deeppockets, Rueppy Kutpurse, Ace Slighthand, Burtle Barrelbelly, a tavern patron, Bouncer Bigboot, Shayde Higginsbot, Toelia Snuckery, Gaffin Deeppockets, Lendel Deeppockets, Hebber Druneny
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Lendel's Grand Lager, Fool's Gold Stein