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Forging Hammer

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Forging Hammer
Item 567.png

Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 38
DMG: 4
WT: 6.5 Size: MEDIUM
Class: ALL except NEC WIZ MAG ENC
Race: ALL

Drops From


The Overthere

Sold by

Zone Merchant Name Area Loc
East Cabilis Weaponsmith Grugl (-432, -33)
Erudin Shinan Orefinder (-683, -246)
North Freeport Kyrin Steelbone Groflah's Forge #4 (-21, 470)
Grobb Okun (683, -412)
Halas Greta O`Reilly (78, -245)
Oggok Blergerda (191, 915)
Stonebrunt Mountains Kevar Claypaws (1390, -579)

Related quests

Player crafted

  • This item is not crafted by players.

Tradeskill recipes