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Gharin's Note (evil)

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Nomaria Doseniar
Start Zone: Qeynos Aqueducts
Quest Giver: Nomaria Doseniar
Minimum Level: 1
Classes:  ?
Related Zones: Qeynos Hills, Surefall Glade
Related NPCs: Gharin, TeAnara


  • Unknown


If you speak with Gharin in South Qeynos, he will complain about having to deliver a note from Antonius Bayle to Te'Anara.

He'd much rather be doing something at the Lion's Mane. If you tell him to go ahead and go to the lion's mane, he will tell you that if he gets too sick, he won't be able to deliver the note and will have to find someone else. He asks you for some Crow's Special Brew. Now there are two kinds of Crow's Special Brew in the game. One is purchased from Crow himself, it comes in a red flask with black lines on it, and is drinkable via clicking like other booze. This is the only kind of Crow's Special brew that works. Also, the Crow's Special Brew you purchase from crow is in VERY limited supply. Once he sells out, its all gone until the next time the server is downed and brought back up. Give Gharin 4 of the purchased brews, and he will be drunk and fork over the letter.

  • GuardsofQeynos better
  • AntoniusBayle better
  • MerchantsofQeynos better
  • CorruptQeynosGuards worse
  • CircleofUnseenHands worse

If you are evil, the note goes to Nomaria Doseniar in the Aqueducts at the Shrine of Bertoxxulous. There is a prelim to this. Hail her and she says 'Welcome. It is good to see our disciples can still outsmart the guards of Qeynos and make it to the Shrine of Bertoxxulous. Our ranks are best filled with disciples as yourself. We have need of you. Do you wish to serve the Lord of Disease, or not? You say, 'yes i wish to serve the lord of disease' : Nomaria Doseniar says 'Aye! That is good. As of late we have heard news of a message that will be sent to the Treefolfk of the Jaggedpine. Antonius Bayle will send word to the Jaggedpine that certain requests will be met. We must intercept this message. That is all you need to know. Go and find Antonius Bayle's messenger Gharin. He should have the message. Get it by any means necessary and return it to me. Go now!' Give her the note for the following faction changes:

  • +bloodsabers
  • +corrupt qeynos guards
  • +opal dark bryer
  • -guards of qeynos
  • -priests of life.

She then gives you back a "false note" to be delivered to Te'Anara in Surefall. Deliver this note and get the following factions:

  • +Jaggerpine Treefolk
  • +Unkempt Druids
  • -Protectors of Pine
  • -QRG Protected Animals
  • -Guards of Qeynos.

Here is the tricky part, which requires some teamwork and may be needed for both the good and evil branches of this quest. Have a friend create an evil newbie and take the fake note to Surefall (you'll be dubious to all, not KOS yet heh). Get your higher lvl main person in qeynos hills, at Tovax Vmar's spawnpoint. This is located at the wall behind the guard tower that is near the road to west karana, and down the wall a bit towards the qeynos zone. Once tovax has spawned, (the spawn time on the spawn point is 6min, and tovax only spawns at norrath night, between 8pm and 8am Norrath time. daytime spawns Scruffy the rat instead.) stick to him like glue, and make sure to Repeatedly (like once a min) ooc a message asking the other players not to kill tovax, as you are using him for a QUEST. Once you have done this, tell your newbie evil char friend to give the fake note to Te'Anara. She will KOS the newbie.

This event triggers Tovax. He will keep walking until he circles back around to his spawnpoint behind the guard tower. The second he touches his spawn point, he will immediately turn towards the ruins and begin a non-stop walk towards them. Once he finally gets to the ruins, assuming the Glowing Black Stone campers don't nuke him, he will stop, wait for 30 seconds or so, then drop a note (looks like a bag) and sprint off to his spawnpoint again. If you open the letter, its from S'ragg (SK guildleader in qeynos bertoxx shrine) to Opal Darkbriar (necro guildleader in freeport sewers innoruuk shrine, and good guy in disguise in caster shrine in FP). One option is giving this note to Roesager Thusten, Pally in the Temple of Life. If you do this, you get xp, but there seems to be no continuation of the quest (see the Plaguebringer Proof quest).

I am not sure who you deliver it for the evil side. Opal was tried with no success.

Need all dialogues, current faction hits, missing quest items, /loc of quest mobs, any other missing information.