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Grim's Tiger Revenge

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)

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Start Zone: Kithicor Forest
Quest Giver: Grim Oakfist
Minimum Level: 25+
Classes: Monk
Related NPCs: Eenot, Kobb, Reggit


  • Collar of Neshika
    Collar of Neshika
    Item 643.png

    Slot: NECK
    AC: 4
    STA: +9
    WT: 1.5 Size: SMALL
    Class: MNK
    Race: ALL


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If you enter Kithicor from West Commons, then follow the right wall like you're going to Rivervale, Grim Oakfist is in a house with an innkeeper near the right wall, not too far from the ranger guild.

You must have higher than indifferent faction with the Ashen Order for Grim to give you this quest. He says there are three named tigers in Kithicor that I believe killed his family.

He is here for revenge but cannot hunt them due to the rangers all around Kithicor. He says he will reward you if you bring back the pelts of these tigers. They come in different parts of the woods, one even keeps roaring.

They spawn after you talk to Grim. So the easiest way to find these tigers is with a tracker-- but killing these tigers gives a hit to ranger/druid faction. The tigers are around level 25, but they hit in the 40's and each drops a different tiger pelt. Collect Strange Tiger Pelt, Peculiar Tiger Pelt, and Unusual Tiger Pelt.

When you return the three pelts to Grim he thanks you and gives you a Collar of Neshika.