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It should be noted that the following description was taken partially from my encounter with a huge troll Shadow Knight named Jubjub while I was travelling to this area to seek out the frogloks. I had just barely escaped with my life after finding a haunted ruin within the swamp, when I stumbled across this troll, healing quickly beneath a tree. He spared my life only because I healed him with my song and was able to entertain him with my drumming skill (and, I would later find out, because he had previously tried half-elf flesh and really didn't favor it). Some wonder why I would bother to interact with the likes of him, but I was injured and the sword he picked up when I encountered him was as long as I was tall, and covered in gore and chunks of hair and scales... Being rather intelligent, for his race, he scratched the above map in the dirt for me and gave me a description of its inhabitants, although his take on them was quite the opposite from what I express below. He warned me to never travel within, for his buddies would "smash" me. I followed his advice...


Grobb is a very small compared to some of the human towns on Antonica, and very utilitarian in its design. The entrance from the vicious Innothule Swamp is heavily guarded by trolls, and the interior of the caverns has many sights that would turn an outsider's stomach. There are prisons for their enemies, the frogloks, as well as anyone else unfortunate enough to stop by for a visit. There are multiple sites for torturing these prisoners as well. Mud flows freely through their town, and they seem not to mind. The guilds of the Shadow Knights and Shamans are hidden away in dark mines, away from the light of day. The Warrior's guild is near the entrance, which can be a problem for their neighbors, the ogres, because the Warriors have an intense rivalry with them.

City Races: Troll
Guilds: Shadow Knight, Shaman, Warrior
Tradeskill Facilities: Forge
Related Quests: Urako's Big Mistake, Fire Beetle Eyes, Halfling Bread, HEHE Meat Quest, Hukulk's Love, Oven Mittens
Adjacent Zones: Innothule Swamp
Name in /who: grobb




  • 1. Priest of Discord
  • 2. Cave with Basher Nanrum for Fire Beetle Eyes Quest
  • 3. Sells General Supplies
  • 4. Dismembered Dwarf with Oven nearby
  • 5. Warrior Guild, sells Weapons
  • 6. "Gunthak's Belch" sells Brewing Supplies, Alcohol
  • 7. Sells Weapons, Large Leather, Chain, and Plate Armor, outside sells Food Items, Boots, Fletching Equipment and Bows and Arrows, Forge, Kiln and Pottery Wheel nearby
  • 8. Entrance of Shadow Knight Guild, sells Ore, Sharpening Stones, and Clay, Weapons
  • 9. Shadow Knight Guild
  • 10. Shaman Trainers, sells Shaman Spells, Medicine Bag and Alchemy Supplies
  • 11. Bank
  • 12. Jewelry Merchant and A Froglok Prisoner
  • 13. Fireplace with A Froglok Prisoner
  • 14. Shaman Guild

Surrounding Areas

The Innothule Swamp is a dark and dangerous place, even for the trolls who roam it daily. The numerous small islands can quickly confuse and lose a traveller, and roaming fungus men, kobolds, and much worse can easily run down an outsider who hasn't learned the way around, or anybody who hasn't learned how to swim. Adjacent to Innothule Swamp is the Feerott, another drier swamp area which is where the ogres have made their home. There is a great deal of travel between the two races' home towns, and something of an alliance exists between the two, opposed as they are against most of the rest of Norrath.

From the Innothule Swamp it is possible to travel directly to the Southern Desert of Ro, although the path is very dangerous and the Desert of Ro even more so. This is the way to travel overland to the human city of Freeport, however, and through there to Faydwer (assuming you can get on the boat). By passing through the Feerott, it is possible to reach the Rathe Mountains and, past them, the Plains of Karana east of Qeynos. This path is frightening and desolate, and there were many times I was glad for my drumming ability.

Traveling To And From

The access to Grobb is through the Innothule Swamp, which can easily be reached from the ogre home of Oggok by travelling a short distance through The Feerrott. It is possible, although arduous, to reach both of the human cities of Qeynos and Freeport. The former is reached through the Rathe Mountains north of the Feerott, and then the vast Plains of Karana north of that. The latter can be found adjacent to the Desert of Ro, which stretches north of Innothule Swamp for many miles.

Local Color


The town is a horribly primitive place. There is one bar and two places of torture, one out in the open and the other hidden in a cave. There are also several prisons, one main one and several private ones, usually owned by the guilds. The only other places of interest are the single, well-stocked weapons and armor shop, the bank, and the guild halls buried away in old mines ringing the troll glade.


There aren't many nice things to say about the people of Grobb, if you can even refer to them that way. They have no crafts other than weaponmaking available to them, and no activities other than watching torture, fighting, and drinking. Be wary of them in their good moods.

How To Become Non-KOS in Grobb

"Why would anybody want to become non-KOS in Grobb?" you ask. Well, the main reason is that Guk is a stone's throw away from Grobb. Grobb is the closest place to Guk to bank, dump vendor loot, and buy food and drink. Also, if you're a Barbarian Shaman, it'd be nice to have a place to buy spells that doesn't require you to run all the way to Halas.

There are four main factions to worry about in Grobb: Grobb Merchants, Dark Ones, Shadowknights of Night Keep, and Da Bashers. The following three quests will get you non-KOS with enough work. There are other quests you can do to raise faction with the Trolls, but these three quests have the advantage of being easy, and of not lowering any important factions.

Wolf Meat for Wista -- Raises faction with Grobb Merchants (which includes the banker). No negative faction hits. Required approximately 170 turn-ins (so approximately 340 Wolf Meat total) to get an agnostic Erudite up to Apprehensive. Will certainly take more if you are a good race, or if you follow a good deity, or both.

More Help for Innoruuk -- Raises faction with Dark Ones (Troll Shaman guild) and Shadowknights of Night Keep. Lowers it with Frogloks of Guk. You'll want to raise this faction because there is a Shaman guild trainer right by the entrance to the bank. You'll be KOS with the live froggies in Guk afterwards, but (A) nobody seems to really care about good Froglok faction; and (B) if you are, you can raise it easily enough by spending a lot of time on the Dead Side of Lower Guk, which you'll probably be doing anyways once you hit 40th level or so. Approximately 50 Deathfist Slashed Belts took an agnostic Erudite from Scowling to Dubious with both guilds.

A Job for Nanrum -- Raises faction with Da Bashers (Troll Warrior guild and, more importantly, the guards of Grobb). Lowers faction with Broken Skull Clan. The only two NPCs in the game known to be on the Broken Skull Clan faction are Lynuga in Innothule Swamp and Bugglegupp in the Steamfont Mountains. So unless you have plans on trying for Ivandyr's Hoop, you can safely tank this faction without worry. 42 turn-ins (so 126 Fire Beetle Eyes) took an agnostic Erudite from Scowling to Dubious.

IMPORTANT NOTE -- There is a female Dark Elf in the very back of the Shaman guild named Savarixsa Zexus. She is on the Priests of Innoruuk faction (Dark Elf Cleric guild), and an agnostic Erudite was still KOS to her.

What's in this zone?

Quests - Found 12 quests that start in Grobb:

Quest NameRewardQuest GiverMinimum LevelClassesRelated ZonesRelated NPCs
A Job for Nanrum  ?
Bone Chips Grobb  ?
Froglok Skin Mask Quest  ?
HEHE Meat Quest  ?
Help Hergor Get Fatter  ?
Hukulk's Love  ?
Majik Power  ?
More Help for Innoruuk  ?
Oven Mittens  ?
Ranjor's Test  ?
Urako's Big Mistake  ?
Wolf Meat for Wista  ?

NPCs - Found 47 NPCs that spawn in Grobb:

NPC NameRaceClassLevelLocationKnown LootDescription
Barsk - Troll "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Basher Avisk "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Basher Nanrum "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Beztopi "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Bimuk "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Blergagg "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Bregna "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Bukton "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Carver Cagrek "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Cralk - Troll "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Crilt - Troll "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Exterminator Filrog "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Garklog "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Gartonka "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Gluku "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Grabah "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Graktak "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Hartok "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Hergor "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Hoart - Troll "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Hukulk "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Iskopa "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Jarlok "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Kagbkek "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Kaglari "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Korff - Troll "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Kramf - Troll "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Okun "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Ootok "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Ranjor "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Raztara "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Rezslog "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Sanfik "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Savarixsa Zexus "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Spinkit "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Tangiz "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Tokun - Troll "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Treskar "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Trusk - Troll "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Ungia "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Urako "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Uzak "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Vynugga "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Wista "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Zatok "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Zazhar "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"
Zumzal "zoneTopTable" ! width="150"

Items - Found 1 items that drop in Grobb:

Item NameDrops FromSlotStats
Item 573.png

Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 31
DMG: 6
WT: 6.5 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL

None? (None)