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Halas Faction Guide

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This guide describes a process that allows you to raise all of your Halas factions from the bare minimum to maximum.

  1. Kill Frostbite in West Karana until you are at least dubious to Rogues of the White Rose (rogues / banker). Please note that this will hurt your "Steel Warriors" (Qeynos/Freeport warriors) faction, which takes a long time to fix.
  2. Grab an invisibility and hand in Polar Bear Skins to Cindl (who is a merchant, and thus is always at least dubious, which is the minimum for quest) until you are able to hand in Gnoll Fangs to Lysbith McNaff. Keep an eye out for warriors pathing in front of Cindl's door.
  3. Hand in Gnoll Fangs to Lysbith McNaff until you have good faction with Wolves of the North (Halas Warriors), Shamen of Justice, Merchants of Halas, and Steel Warriors (Qeynos/Freeport warriors))
  4. Mine vendors or collect many Patches of Gnoll Fur and combine 64 Patches of Gnoll Fur, 4 at a time in a loom, to create 16 Gnoll Fur Patches. Combine those 16 4 at a time to create 4 Gnoll Fur Patch Quarters. Combine those 4 quarters to make a cloak to hand in to Ysanna MacGibbon until you are indifferent to Rogues of the White Rose.
  5. Hand in Mammoth Calf Hides to Cappi McTarnigal until you have good faction with Rogues of the White Rose.