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Skill Harm Touch

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A shadow knight only ability which deals a large amount of damage to a single target, with a 72-minute timer.

Once used the Ability key will not display the cooldown correctly. You can reset it by zoning or camping and then it will display correctly.

The damage formula is:

DMG = (LEVEL * 10) + 1 for levels up until 1 to 40. Harm Touch gains 10 damage per level until level 40.
DMG = ((LEVEL - 40) * 30) + 401 for levels 41 to 50. Harm Touch gains 30 damage per level after level 40 to a maximum of 601 at level 50.



1 : Decrease Hitpoints by 11 (L1) to 601 (L50)
Mana 0 Skill Ability
Casting Time Instant Recast Time 72 Minutes
Fizzle Time n/a Resist Magic
Range 50 Target Type Target
Spell Type Detrimental Duration Instant
Cast on You You writhe in the grip of agony
Cast on Other Someone writhes in the grip of agony.
Wears Off
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