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Heal Yourself

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Tonmerk Plorsin
Start Zone: North Qeynos
Quest Giver: Tonmerk Plorsin
Minimum Level: 1
Classes:  ?
Related Zones:
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  • Healing


Tonmerk Plorsin is located at -159, -702 in North Qeynos.

You say, 'Hail, Tonmerk Plorsin'

Tonmerk Plorsin says 'Hello, child. Welcome to the Temple of Life. Here, you may pay homage to the [Prime Healer], [Rodcet Nife]. If you are in need of [healing] or require me to [cure disease] or [cure poison], please inform me. I am the resident healer of all Qeynos citizens.'

You say, 'I need healing.'

Tonmerk Plorsin says 'You must pay a tribute of five gold coins before I perform the binding of your wounds.'

Give Tonmerk Plorsin 5 Gold.

Tonmerk Plorsin says 'The glory of Rodcet Nife flows through your soul. May your body and soul live in righteous health.'

Tonmerk Plorsin begins to cast a spell. You feel better. You have been healed for 65 points.