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Heartwood Tavern

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Heartwood Tavern, Kelethin
Heartwood Tavern, bar
Heartwood Tavern, seating

A city in the trees with few safety railings might not seem a wise place for drinking, yet there are six taverns in Kelethin! Most are small and simply go by the name "Tavern," but the flagship location is called Heartwood Tavern and can be found immediately off the central elevator. They use a depiction of Ogre Swill on their signage which is ironic because you certainly won't find any of that sludge here! Only the finest wines and meads are served, which is somewhat of a trend here in Kelethin

The largest tavern in Kelethin, the double doors of Heartwood open up to two rooms with lots of seating, two service counters, and plenty of windows to keep you company. Some of the smaller taverns in the city get quite fancy with their seating and decorations, but here it's kept simple with plain old wooden chairs and tables.

Both barkeeps will offer you a similar selection of the high end drinks that are popular here on Faydwer including: Elven Wine, White Wine, Red Wine, Gypsy Wine, Mead, and Honey Mead.

Visit Taverns of Kelethin to read more about the other five unique bars in the city.

City: Kelethin
NPCs: Barkeep Uulianu, Barkeep Manlawen
Tradeskill Facilities: -
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Elven Wine, Gypsy Wine