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Hogcaller's Inn

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Start Zone: West Freeport
Quest Giver: Plagus Ladeson
Minimum Level: 14
Classes:  ?
Related Zones:
Related NPCs: Hollish Tnoops, Shintl Lowbrew, Toala Nehron



In the Warrior's Guild, you are given a quest to investigate the Hogcaller's Inn.

Apparantly, someone is leaking information to the dark elves concerning the city defenses. Your contact is on the second floor. Tell her who sent you and she will give you some information and ask for a glass of wine. Give her the wine and she will give you the key phrase you must use with the innkeeper, something like 'I need mail for the 2nd room'. He will ask you to prove it is your room by showing him the key. If you enter the middle room on the right on the second floor you may see Shintl Lowbrow.

If she is there, wait for her to leave. She sometimes will pick up the key, in which case you have to kill her to get it.

If she isn't there, look on the floor at the back left by the bureau for the key.

Give the key to the innkeeper and he will give you the mail. Take the mail to the person who gave you the quest. She will tell you to take it to Toala, who is located on the top floor of the arena. Toala will then tell you to kill Shintl Lowbrow and her helper, the dark elf courrier. She will give you a box in which you put both heads and combine. If you kill Shintl, you get a head. The dark elf is Hollish Tnoops, also in Freeport. (note that this has been updated since the last patch and his head supposedly works now). Put both of these heads in the box and combine them and return them to Toala for xp, faction and some gold.

You gain experience!!

Need all dialogues, current faction hits, /loc of all quest mobs, missing names of items, etc.