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Holy Armor Scroll

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Daedet Losaren
Start Zone: South Qeynos
Quest Giver: Daedet Losaren
Minimum Level: 2
Classes: Cleric, Paladin
Related Zones: Erud's Crossing
Related NPCs: Kerra Isle beetle, a fire beetle



Note: This quest requires indifferent or better faction (ref).

Daedet Losaren in the Temple of Thunder can provide the Holy Armor spell for faithful followers of Karana.

He tells you that he needs someone to gather the components -- 4 Fire Beetle eyes and 4 Kerra Isle beetle eyes -- in a box which he provides.

The trick to it is to have ONE kerra isle beetle eye in each of the 4 slots left after the fire beetle eyes go in.

Giving him the box results in the Holy Armor Spell Scroll.