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How to Patch

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Although Project 1999 uses the Titanium Client created by SOE, that client was not designed for classic EverQuest. To make it work with Project 1999's uniquely "retro" time period, you must first "patch" the software by copying a set of files that the Project 1999 team provides.

New patches are issued as needed by the staff, and there is never a "time table" for the next patch (unless a patch breaks something important, in which case you at least expect a new patch to come as soon as the all-volunteer staff is able to provide one).

Getting the Most Recent Patch

The wiki is not the place the to find the latest patch: is. You can also always find the latest patch in this forum thread.

However, the last time this page was updated, the latest patch was September 8th, 2019, Patch 49b.


Obviously before you can patch your software you first have to install the unpatched version. See the Install EverQuest Titanium for full installation instructions.

  • NOTE: This must be a completely fresh install, because live servers or other EQ Emu servers use different versions of files than the ones that Project 1999 uses. If you try to share an installation directory, the conflicting files will break things
  • NOTE: Some users have experienced trouble installing Titanium to their Program Files directory with Windows Vista/7/8, so an alternate path should be specified (Example: C:\EQEmu).
  • DO NOT PATCH EVERQUEST! If you patch your Titanium install you will need to delete it and start over (again, because you'll have the wrong versions of key files).

Applying the Patch

  1. Download the most recent patch (see above)
  2. Open it up (the patch file is a "zip" file, ie. a file containing many files)
  3. Extract every file in the patch zip file into the EverQuest installation directory, overwriting any existing files. (Again, if you don't overwrite you will keep the wrong versions of files.)
  4. Once that is completed, the following files must be DELETED or MOVED OUT OF the Titanium directory (ed: is this still true?):
    • arena.eqg
    • arena_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
    • lavastorm.eqg
    • nektulos.eqg
    • Nektulos_EnvironmentEmitters.txt

Failure to delete these files will result in problems accessing certain zones.