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Ice Comet

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Project 1999 Auction Tracker
30d Avg 90d Avg All Time Avg All Time Range # Seen
 ? ± ?  ? ± ? 1268 ± 1606 49 / 5000 8


Date Seller Price Date Seller Price
2016-11-16 Ghandalf 500 2016-11-15 Ghandalf 500
2016-05-22 Rallens 49 2016-05-17 Rallens 49
2016-05-16 Rallens 49 2012-12-23 Eccezan 5000
2011-10-21 Mrcobalt 2000 2011-08-27 Farsight 2000

(Last 20 Recorded Auctions)

Spellicon S.png

Summons a giant comet of ice from the sky. Mana efficiency of 2.8 and 176 DPS.
WARNING: The research version of this spell is a NO TRADE ITEM. You cannot have someone else craft it for you.

During Vanilla (pre-kunark) this direct damage spell was the strongest a wizard could learn. Due to the high damage it causes it creates a high amount of agro. So be sure the puller or tank is prepared.



1 : Decrease Hitpoints by 1110 (L49) to 1120 (L50)
Mana 400 Skill Evocation
Casting Time 6.30 Recast Time 2.25
Fizzle Time 2.50 Resist Cold (-10)
Range 200 Target Type Single
Spell Type Detrimental Duration Instant
Cast on You You feel your skin freeze.
Cast on Other Someone 's skin freezes.
Wears Off

Items with Spell Effect

  • None

Where to Obtain