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Illegible Scrolls

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Start Zone: High Keep
Quest Giver: Lozani
Minimum Level: 5
Classes:  ?
Related Zones: Crushbone
Related NPCs: Orc Oracle (Deathfist), Orc Oracle (Crushbone), Orc Apprentice


  • Low level spells (which classes? at least Cleric/Shaman)


Find a gnome named Lozani on the third floor of High Keep. He shares at least one spawn point with a noble, so if there is someone else camping them, you might have to wait or kill the placeholder.

You say, 'Hail, Lozani'

Lozani says 'Greetings, friend!! I am Lozani, Scribe Supreme of the Eldritch Collective. I have been sent forth from the great Library of Mechanimagica in the city of Ak'Anon, to study the arcane knowledge of man and beast alike. I have studied many languages and spells, from Crushbone to Kerra Ridge. I have found most languages hard to decipher. As of this date, I have learned to read only the script of the [orc oracles]. Oh well, I am on a five decade mission. Better luck next language.'

You say, 'What orc oracles?'

Lozani says 'Oh!! Heard of the orc oracles have you? A ghastly bunch they are!! Argh! The numerous days I spent interrogating those beasts with their foul breath. It was as if rats had gone and died in their mouths. I wished I could read minds after those days. TWENTY WEEKS of that rat-carcass breath and all I have learned is the ability to decipher [oracle scrolls] and [apprentice cantrips]. What a mess that was! I'm beginning to think I should have become a Gemchopper.'

You say, 'What oracle scrolls?'

Lozani says 'Orc oracle scrolls? Mere shaman spells are they. I know how to decipher those illegible scrolls. I can do so, but it will cost you. Nothing is for free in this world, y'know? You give me one of those illegible scrolls and four gold coins.'

You say, 'What apprentice cantrips?'

Lozani says 'Orc apprentice cantrips. Child's play they are. Very difficult to decipher, mostly due to the orc sweat smearing the writing. I fill in the blanks with a second orc cantrip and my universe of knowledge, so you never know what spell is going to be scribed! Could be magic, could be wizardry, could be necromancy, golly!! Sometimes I even end up with a recipe!! If you want me to try to decipher one just hand me two illegible cantrips. No coinage necessary!! They are mostly apprentice spells. Nothing much.'

If you give him an Illegible Scroll (dropped by an orc oracles in the Commonlands) and 4 gold OR two Illegible Cantrips, he'll translate it for you.

Do NOT try and use the rotted illegible scrolls. They do not work.

You receive a low level spell.

Need a more complete list of rewards. One turn in resulted in a scroll of Cure Blindness for Clerics and Shamans. Xp was <2.5% for a level 13 High Elf Enchanter.

Faction improvements seem to be for several Gnome factions in Ak'Anon (Eldritch Collective (the caster guild?), Gem Choppers, King Ak'Anon and the Merchants Of Ak'Anon), as well as negative hits for The Dead and Dark Reflection. The adjustment was at least large enough to move the character from Apprehensive to Indifferent with one turn-in (although the character had never done anything else to change their Ak'Anon factions, I did cast Alliance on him and was still Apprehensive before the turn-in).

General Jyleel gave out a Large Lantern for one scroll.