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Imbued Ogre War Plate (Cazic Thule)

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This is the Ogre War Plate armor set. The set must be crafted at the Oggok Forge. Weapons and armor can be imbued to either Rallos Zek (Jade) or Cazic Thule (Amber) with additional bonuses.
Ogre War Plate set provides +169 AC
Imbued Ogre War Plate (Cazic-Thule) provides +169 AC | +38 STR | +16 STA | +12 WIS | +26 SV MAGIC Imbued Ogre War Plate (Rallos Zek) provides +169 AC | +38 STR | +16 STA | +12 INT | +26 SV MAGIC

  • {{:Ogre War Visor )}
  • {{:Ogre War Collar )}
  • {{:Ogre War Bracer )}
  • {{:Ogre War Boots )}
  • {{:Ogre War Helm )}
  • {{:Ogre War Pauldron )}
  • {{:Ogre War Girdle )}
  • {{:Ogre War Vambraces )}
  • {{:Ogre War Gauntlets )}
  • {{:Ogre War Breastplate )}
  • {{:Ogre War Cloak )}
  • {{:Ogre War Greaves )}


  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Visor (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Collar (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Bracer (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Boots (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Helm (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Pauldron (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Girdle (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Vambraces (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Gauntlets (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Breastplate (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Cloak (Cazic Thule)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Greaves (Cazic Thule)}


  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Visor (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Collar (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Bracer (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Boots (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Helm (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Pauldron (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Girdle (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Vambraces (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Gauntlets (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Breastplate (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Cloak (Rallos Zek)}
  • {{:Imbued Ogre War Greaves (Rallos Zek)}