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Shadowed Man

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The shadow men come in the classes of Warrior, Monk, Cleric, and Necromancer.

The Necromancers tend to look like books, while the Priests have the appearance of Snow cones. The Warriors tend to show their weapons, while and the Monks are invisible (save for their name). (Due to a [bug] as of 4/17/17, all warrior weapons are failing to be displayed).

Shadow men hang out at fixed locations, usually in groups from four to seven. They do not have a huge aggro radius, but are social so Harmony can be very handy in fighting them.

Shadow men move very very quickly, and although they are not flagged as immune to movement altering effects they will run at full speed when ensnared. If you're trying to run from them, you will need a high level bard with a magical drum to be able to escape them as they can outrun all forms of SOW.

Shadow men drop numerous items for numerous quests. So many items are dropped that it can be a maddening experience trying to get the one you need.

It has been theorized that the shadowmen in different zones are more likely to drop the various items. Most of the items they drop are "no rent" meaning they will dissapear if you log out. Roughly 9 mins respawn.

There is also, Ssynthi, a renegade shadowman in Mistmoore Castle, who has apparently found solace in the teachings of Solusek Ro. He is not normally aggressive to people whom are in league with The Temple of Solusek Ro. He asks a simple favour of return of a flower to him, which reminds him of his lost true love. This flower can be found inside the crypt. In return for the flower he will give you a scepter of Sorrow, which is used in the Temple of Solusek Ro quests. When killed, he will give up the Robe of The Keeper, a reasonable mid-level caster robe, although you kill him at the risk of damaging your ability to walk freely in the Temple.