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Irontoe's Eats

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Irontoe's Eats, Kaladim
Irontoe's Eats, bar
Irontoe's Eats, open area

Once a cornerstone of the Irontoe Brigade, well known warrior Tumpy Irontoe has since hung up his sword and opened this now famous restaurant and bar: Irontoe's Eats. Located in the center square of South Kaladim, visitors won't have to look far to find a nice welcoming establishment with fine tunes, food, spirits, and friendly faces.

The lantern hanging outside invites you into the cozy single-room tavern decorated with woven rugs and the warm glow of more lanterns throughout. There are multiple tables near the bar for hosting many a parties, as well as an open space suitable for any dwarven jig.

Greeted by Tumpy Irontoe himself, you're offered a variety of classic drinks as well as the ultra-rare Underfoot Triple Bock. Nobody else offers this spirit short of sailing to the trading outpost on Kunark. Asking kindly to Tumpy himself will land you custom cocktail of his own: Tumpy Tonic, also available only here unless you get crafty.

Talk to Gretta Mottle for bar bites such as bread, muffins, or a good old Meat Pie.

City: Kaladim
NPCs: Tumpy Irontoe, Gretta Mottle
Tradeskill Facilities: --
Related Quests: Trueshot Longbow Quest
Notable Drinks: Underfoot Triple Bock, Tumpy Tonic