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Jillin's Stew

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Blinza Toepopal
Start Zone: Rivervale
Quest Giver: Blinza Toepopal
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: Deputy Lowmot


  • Coins


This text is given after you complete the quest for Reebo's Carrots.

Blinza Toepopal says '[Jillin]? Jillin? Where did he go? Hrumph!'

You say, 'Who is Jillin?'

Blinza Toepopal says 'Jillin is my courier. He was supposed to take this pot of [stew] over to Deputy Lowmot in Guardian Stronghold. It is just about ready and Mayor Gubbin hates cold stew!'

You say, 'I will take the stew.'

Blinza Toepopal says 'Here. Take it to Lowmot. The stew is already paid for but the good Deputy usually tips Jillin quite well. Hurry! It's getting cold!'

You receive Carrot Stew, which you need to deliver to Deputy Lowmot at location +130, -145, 4.

Deputy Lowmot says 'Oh good! Hey. You are not Jillin.. Helping out Blinza huh? She is quite a woman.. Yes indeed. Quite a woman.. ah.. Oh sorry. Here you go. Thanks again. Mayor Gubbin will be pleased.'

You gain experience!! 1% xp every 3 turn in's at level 6

You gain a small amount of coin : gives 7 copper per hand in