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Journeyman's Boots Quest

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Hasten Bootstrutter
Start Zone: Rathe Mountains
Quest Giver: Hasten Bootstrutter
Minimum Level: 1, (32 solo)
Classes: All
Related Zones: Rathe Mountains, Southern Desert of Ro, Ocean of Tears
Related NPCs: Ancient Cyclops, a shadowed man


  • Journeyman's Boots
    Journeyman's Boots
    Item 764.png

    Slot: FEET
    AC: 1
    Effect: JourneymanBoots (Any Slot, Casting Time: Instant)
    WT: 2.5 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


Hasten Bootstrutter is a gnome that wanders Rathe Mountains. (For a map, see the NPC page.)

He wants three items:

Note: It is difficult to catch him with that much weight unless you have high strength or Spirit of Wolf. So you may have to wait along his route and target him with Hail, spamming to get him to stop. Turn in your items quickly or re-hail him frequently or he will run off. His round trip on his path is about 2m 40s.


You say, 'Hail Hasten Bootstrutter'

Hasten Bootstrutter says 'Stopped I have done. Greet you I will. What business do we have? Hmm? Speak up!!

You say, 'What journeyman boots'

Hasten Bootstrutter says 'Journeyman's Boots are what you seek? Ha!! I have those upon my feet and disinigrate will they if my life is taken. Extra pair have I and [rare trade] can we make.

You say, 'What rare trade'

Hasten Bootstrutter says 'I call for three things and Journeyman Boots are yours. I call for a [Shadowed Rapier], call for the [Ring of the Ancients] and call for Gold,.. 3250 Gold Coins!! This the trade that I call.

You say, 'What shadowed rapier'

Hasten Bootstrutter says 'Shadowed Men, foes to all, have appeared. Many lands do they walk. Invisible are they, but items they wield can be seen. Seek them out and return to me a Shadowed Rapier. Return it with haste before 'poof' goes the rapier!! No time to camp have you.

You say, 'What ring of the ancients'

Hasten Bootstrutter says 'Ancient Cyclops do march the land. Long have they lived and crafted the Ring of the Ancients have they. I must have one and you shall go and fetch one for me. Seek the lands of the oldest Cyclops clans. Seek the plains, seek the island in tears and seek the dunes for there is one who is last. His clan was blown from the sands.