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Keeper Rott's Pages

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Kunark Release Era (added 2000)
Keeper Rott
Start Zone: West Cabilis
Quest Giver: Keeper Rott
Minimum Level: 18+
Classes: All
Related Zones: Warsliks Woods
Related NPCs: A Goblin Soothsayer, Goblin Spirit Caller
Reward: Intensify Death


A Goblin Soothsayer and Goblin Spirit Caller in Warsliks Woods randomly drop an Illegible Note. There are 4 types which identify as Notepage 1-4 of Rott. Hand in all four to Keeper Rott, who is located in the alcove near the West Cabilis arena. Note that you don't have to be a necromancer to complete the quest but you will need high amiable faction.

Warning: If you're are not high enough faction with Brood of Kotiz he will NOT return the 4 Illegible Notes after hand in. Also note that the mobs who drop the quest items, A Goblin Soothsayer and Goblin Spirit Caller, do NOT improve this faction.


You say, 'I am the chosen occultist'

Keeper Rott says, 'When you have shown more devotion to the Brood of Kotiz, we can discuss such things'
  • If your faction is acceptable:
Keeper Rott kneels before you abjectly. 'Oh, great occultist! I am glad you have arrived, but I do not have the artifacts Kyvix seeks. You will have to seek out the sarnak revenants who still hold the precious stem and base. Get them and take them with your occultist skullcap back to Master Kyvix. Since you are headed in the general direction, I also have an [additional mission], if you do not mind.'
You say, 'What additional mission?'
Keeper Rott grabs a fist full of scribbled notes and throws them into the air in a rage. 'All these notes are useless to me without the first four note pages! While I ventured through the fields of the drixies, I was assaulted by a band of gobs. They were shamans. I heard them calling spirits. They took the first two pages before I escaped. Then I lost the [second two pages] the next day!! Blast!!'
You say, 'Where did you lose the second two pages?'
Keeper Rott begins to curse. Luckily, you do not understand the language, but you feel a bit of spittle strike your face. '...and then there I was, almost home and the legion expedition leader decided we should explore a bit more near the lake. Then I find myself up against the same type of gobs from the fields. I just ran for the exit an never looked back, but they still managed to swipe pages 3 and 4!!'
  • Turn in:
Keeper Rott says 'Oh, great necromancer, how can I repay you? I know. Here is a spell I recently researched. It should help you increase the strength of a summoned pet. Learn it well.'

August 20 2017 NOTE: Even if Keeper Rott responds to all the text triggers up to this point, your faction still may not be high enough to complete the quest and receive the reward. Do not take a successful response to any of the above messages to confirm your faction is sufficient. At highish Amiable faction Rott responded to all of my iksar monk's text triggers but still gave me the insufficient faction message after turning in the 4 pages.

Reward Details

You receive: