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Race: Water Dragon
Class: Warrior
Level: 65
Zone: Cobalt Scar
Location: 7 day respawn(+/- 8 hours) @ (175, -918)
AC: 441
HP: 62500 (44)
Damage per hit: 240 - 450
Attacks per round: 2 (76%)
Special: Entomb in Ice


Kelorek'Dar is the infamous water dragon that protects the waters of Cobalt Scar from any ambitious invaders attempting to journey to Western Wastes. Those not allied with Claws of Veeshan should tread lightly in the water.

Slowable. Belly caster. Fire spells land well. Procs an unresistable 1000 damage AOE that's not much wider than melee range.

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Opposing Factions

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