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Race: Prismatic Dragon
Class: Warrior
Level: 99
Zone: Sleeper's Tomb
Location: ?
AC: 557
HP: 3,500,000 (500)
Damage per hit: 2000 - 6999
Attacks per round: 4 (50%)
Special: Enrage, Summon, Immune to Flee, Uncharmable, Unfearable, Unsnareable, Unmezzable, Unstunable, Unslowable, Requires Magic Weapons, See Invis, See Hide


Kerafyrm (aka The Sleeper) is the most powerful known being in Norrath. The great prismatic dragon was born out of the forbidden coupling of two different elemental dragons - making him into a great abomination in the eyes of many. At first many dragons flocked to Kerafyrm feeling the god-like being would bring a new age to the children of Veeshan. However, his unfathomable power and the taboo of his creation by the laws of Veeshan led to a great madness overwhelming Kerafyrm. The laws of Veeshan forbid dragons to kill dragons under any circumstance and Kerafyrm violated these laws too by killing those who spoke out against him.

His fanatics were driven away and in a great struggle the first brood subdued him into a great sleep and sealed him within Sleeper's Tomb. Four dragons were left to perpetually guard the seal. Sadly, as ages have passed the first brood are just a handful. Some dragons have come to question the wisdom of sealing him away - The Shade of Jaled'Dar included.

Upon the deaths of the four great dragons that keep him sealed Kerafyrm is free to wreak havoc over Norrath. Scripts run in a few zones such as Skyshrine, The Great Divide, Nagafen's Lair, Permafrost, and Sleeper's Tomb. The event was allowed to run only once per shard and resulted in the end of many items dropping in game.

Kerafyrm was first awoken by the guild Rampage on Sunday, January 31st, 2016. Sleeper's Tomb will never be reset on the classic timeline which Project 1999 emulates.

Known Loot

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Opposing Factions

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Related Quests

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