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Kundalini's Item Choices for the Beginning Player

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This guide is to help new players and older players looking to dress a monk for budget, I will attempt to itemize things from their value at the time this was written.

KEY: items with * symbolize Favored items that are high value or worth saving up for because to upgrade it would cost a marginal more amount of platinum to gain any marginal stats.

EARS: Obsidian Bead Hoop50-75p , Sapphire Electrum Earring125p* , Orc Fang Earring200-300p* , Sarnak Earring of Stationno-drop-free* , Imbued Golden Amber Earring

NECK: Black Pearl Electrum Choker , Bloodshrine Necklace200-500* , Burynai Hide Choker , Chipped Velium Amulet350** , Collar of Undead Protection* , Etched Ivory Charm , Engraved Skull Amulet* , Glowing Bone Collar200-300* , Golden Black Pearl Choker50p , Runed Lava Pendant600-1k , Sapphire Platinum Necklace300* , Silvered Sapphire Necklace125 , Ulthork Hide Collar*

RINGS: Fire Emerald Platinum Ring*225p, Golden Fire Wedding Ring100p, Jagged Band35p*, Platinum Fire Wedding Ring250p**, Rune Etched Wedding Band

HEAD: Fine Silk Turban20-75p** , Crystal Chitin Circlet500-1k, Executioners Hood200-400*, Helm of Rile(iksar only)100p, Velium Hound Fur Cap, Ulthork Hide Skullcap

FACE: Sarnak-Hide Mask 100p***, Dented Brass Mask, Lizardskin Tribal Mask50p*, Mask of Wurms400, Targishin's Bone Mask100-300p***

CHEST: Foreman's Tunic50, Robe of Living Fungus300-500, Wu's Fighting Shirt, Cured Silk Gi, Lockjaw Hide Vest25 - I know, so many options.

ARMS: Adamantite Armband, Azure Sleeves50-100**, Drake-Hide Sleeves, Gatorscale Sleeves

CLOAK: Spider Fur Cloak600-800, Cloak of Shadows1k, Wu's Fighting Cloak, Werewolf Skin Cloak, White Wolf-hide Cloak125p**, Dire Wolf-Hide Cloak1k, Velium Hound Fur Cloak, Hooded Black Cloak

BELT: Dragonhide Belt400-600, Thin Banded Belt300-600, Drakescale Belt30-50p, Thick Leather Apron20p

MANTLE:Drolvarg Mantle, Cured Silk Mantle, Wu's Fighting Mantle

WRISTS: Cured Silk Wristbands, Fire Emerald Electrum Bracelet, Monk Shackle Quests, Symbol of Loyalty to Vox35p**, Serpentine Bracer50p(iksar cant use), Tar goo strands150p**, Bracers of Erollisi75p*, Hardened Kodiak Leather Bracer, Silver-Plated Bracer, Poison Etched Wristband200-300p*, Fire Emerald Golden Bracelet125p*

LEGS: Cured Silk Leggings, Drake-hide Leggings75p, Wu's Fighting Pantaloons, Gatorscale Leggings700p, Carrion Beetle Leggings35p, Ice Weave

HANDS: Powered Gloves*, Lupine Claw Gauntlets*, Gem Inlaid Gauntlets75**, Griffon Talon Gloves

FEETS: Polished Stone Anklet, Wu's Fighting Slippers, Iksar Hide Boots1.5k, Shimmering Terror Hide Boots1k, Othmir Fur Moccasins

Weapons: Wintry Club30p*, Knuckle Dusters, Master Wu's Trance Stick100*, Springwood Club*125p, Journeyman's Walking Stick, Mudman Enforcer, Fighting Baton, Cane of the Tranquil100p, Ykeshan War Club 150p, Brell's Keg Popper50p, Cane of Harmony, Stave of Shielding1.5k, Velium Brawl Stick, Imbued Fighters Staff 2.5k, Noble's Walking Staff500p, Smoldering Brand500p, Wu's Quivering Staff150p***, Stormwood Battle Staff125p,

Ranged: Antonian Javelin, Stone of Morid700p, Totem of the Warrior Spirit750p, Shuriken