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Contents may contain items, mobs or formulas that do not exist in the Project 1999 Timelines.

Luclin is one of several moons of Norrath, which is not visible in the sky (the visible moon at night is another moon called Drinal). It is a ringed moon with habitable regions on its surface and underground caverns. The rotation of Luclin matches the revolution of the Norrath system around its star, as such that one side of Luclin is always day, and the other side is always night. Good races tend to inhabit the night side, while evil races tend to inhabit the day side.

Luclin is home to the remainders of several exiled Norrathian civilizations: the Shissar, Vah Shir, and Combine Empire. It also hosts native peoples and wildlife such as the insectoid Akhevans, vampiric coteries, grimlings, various clans of butt-aliens, Shik Nar, owlbears, rhino beetles, and sonic wolves.

The Shadows of Luclin was the Everquest expansion hosting the various locations of this moon, following the Scars of Velious. As stated on numerous occasions, the developers of Project 1999 have no intention of implementing the Shadows of Luclin expansion in the future.