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Madame Serena Quest

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Madame Serena
Start Zone: South Qeynos
Quest Giver: Madame Serena
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: None


  • None (Lore Only)


Madame Serena, and NPC by the docks, will give a riddle if you say "I follow XXXXX" where x is any god in the game. I have no idea if they lead anywhere useful or are just nice background information. Here is what she will say based upon the religion you say you follow:

The Tribunal - You wish to bring the land of justice for all crimes which are unpaid. Start your mission in Freeport, where crime is unafraid.

Karana - You will be safe in this city of thunder. Travel to the catacombs for easy plunder.

Tunare - From mother of all elves you comfort and peace. Walk into the crops of Karana and all troubles will cease.

Veeshan - The mother of all wyrms has her blood running deep withingreat cities. Be aware that you are not alone in this town of no pity.

Brell Serilis - The place of true power is usually beneath your feet. Stay in this city and a rare enemy you just may meet.

Innoruuk - To hate is your way. Just as the father of the dark race. Go forth to Nekutulos is where you should go at good pace.

Prexus - He created the Kedge freaks which are now gone from this land. Go deep into the caves of Jaggedpine and someone will take your hand.

Rallos Zek - To die in battle is the true and only way. Go into Blackburrow and join the fray.

Bristlebane - To be like the king of thieves is the path in which you sway. Go to Crow's after sundown. It is better than in day.

Cazic Thule - You will find that a slight friend is elvish and dark. Be forewarned that in this city it is best not to bark.

Mithaniel Marr - As is your god you are one of true valor which you cannot part. Go forth into the catacombs and say hail Mister Bloodheart.

Erollisi Marr - To be strong in the way of love is truly the only way. Go into Karana's Paw and enjoy your day.

Solusek Ro - To step foot upon his land would set your body ablaze. Go far north of Freeport to find the eye in the day.

Bertoxxulous - The catacombs contain safe haven for you and I. It is our place to you I tell no lie (Sounds like Serena is a worshipper of the Plaguebringer??)

Rodcet Nife - Thepower of healing is brought forth in your mass. Go past the gates and tell Zutros you are from Highpass.

Quellious - The tranquility and peace of the child lies within your heart. By fighting the opal elves, you shall be doing your part.