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Marr Minnows for Palon

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Start Zone: West Freeport
Quest Giver: Palon Deskeb
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: a minnow



Would not give jar with amiable faction. Requires you to prove your worth by doing more quests with Tara Neklene

You say, 'Hail, Palon Deskeb'

Palon Deskeb says 'Pleased to meet you. Have you seen how clear the water is underneath the Academy? All sorts of life could flourish there. What a shame there are no [Marr Minnows] there.'

You say, 'What Marr Minnows?'

Palon Deskeb says 'The Marr Minnow swims in the pond near the Temple of Marr. I wish I had one. Not a dead one. A live one. I need someone to [get the minnow].'

You say, 'I will get the minnow'

Palon Deskeb says 'Please try. Here you are. Take this jar. Offer the jar to the minnows. Maybe they will swim into it.'

Head to West Freeport outside the Hall of Truth. To the left side is a river, with minnows and piranhas in it. Give the Jar of Liquid to a minnow. You'll either fail or the Jar will turn into Fish in a Jar.

a minnow darts into the jar, or just darted past it!! The Knights of Truth do not tolerate people attempting to catch these fish!!

Once you have a Fish in a Jar, go back to the Academy and give it to Palon. You'll receive a minor item for your trouble.

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