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Miranda's Dice

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Start Zone: Stonebrunt Mountains
Quest Giver: Miranda
Minimum Level: 18
Classes:  ?
Related Zones: The Warrens
Related NPCs: Prince Bragnar


  • Ball of Burlap Yarn
    Ball of Burlap Yarn
    Item 1140.png

    Charges: 4
    Effect: Snare (Any Slot, Casting Time: 5.0)
    WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


In Kejek, the kerran city in Stonebrunt, there is a small girl named Miranda under a tree.

You say, 'Hail, Miranda'

Miranda says 'I'm not supposed to talk to strangers but if my parents let you in here I guess it's ok. Do you like [candy]? I would give you some candy to play a game with me but my [dice] are gone now.'

You say, 'What dice?'

Miranda says 'I had my dice in a little bag and lost it outside the walls of the village. I think the kobolds must have found it.'

The Tiny Pouch of Bone Dice in question are from Prince Bragnar in the Warrens. To finish the quest, give Miranda the Dice.

Miranda says 'You found my dice!!! Thank you ______!!'

You gain experience!!