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Mirgon Dower's Head

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Kunark Release Era (added 2000)
Start Zone: Kurn's Tower
Quest Giver: a skeletal cook
Minimum Level: 20+
Classes: All
Related Zones: Field of Bone, Cabilis
Related NPCs: an undead jester


  • The Skull of Torture
    The Skull of Torture
    Item 1070.png

    Slot: NECK
    AC: 2
    INT: +5 HP: +10 MANA: +10
    WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL except ELF HIE DWF HFL


If you give a Glowing Skull (no rent item) to A skeletal cook, you'll be rewarded with The Skull of Torture.

There are two ways to get a Glowing Skull :

Building the Glowing Skull by yourself

Attention: This way is not confirmed to work. For instance, an undead jester seems to drop nothing at all.

You say, 'Hail, a skeletal cook'

a skeletal cook says, 'Some cracked old bones, two zombie flesh, and a salt minnow make up the rest. Throw inside a skull and mix, and I would have a delightful dish. But with no eyes I have no sight to make Kurn's delicious delight. And if I could I would not eat without a tongue behind my teeth.'

The Cook wants you to gather a number of items:

  • Bone Chips (dropped by skeletons)
  • Two Zombie Flesh (dropped by Rotting Flesh Hunters in the Field of Bone)
  • Salt Minnow (fished in Cabilis)
  • A Preserved Eye (red) (dropped by Crackling Bones, a Stables area spawn in Kurns)
  • A Preserved Eye (green) (dropped by a burynai flesh reaper, tunnel spawn at +200, -232)
  • A Dried Tongue (dropped by Undead Tower Guard near the zone in)
  • Hollow Skull (Skull of the Tower Cook) (dropped by an undead jester, north of the stables)

The Jester also drops a note related to the quest. It reads:

Within the tower lies the corpse of Mirgon Dower.
A faithful servant of Kurn's deadly tower.
He served Kurn and kept him very well fed.
Now it is time to replace his head.
His new head did glow once upon a time.
Now there are no eyes, no tongue, to taste the sweet crunchy flesh.
And so the years flow.
When all are back together the magic will once again glow.

Inside the Hollow Skull, combine: Bone Chips + Zombie Flesh x2 + Salt Minnow. This yields you a Kurn's Jerky Delight (edible, so make sure not to eat it).

The Hollow Skull is returned to you. Now combine the Kurn's Jerky Delight + Preserved Eyes + Dried Tongue in the same container. This yields you a Glowing Skull (which is TEMPORARY).

Looting the Glowing Skull

While waiting for A skeletal cook to pop, kill high level skeletons around:

  • greater scalebones
  • lesser charbone skeletons
  • lesser icebone skeletons

Those skeletons can drop A Glowing Skull.

If you want more skeletons to kill, head to the second and third floors into the tower.

The Hand-In

Hand the Glowing Skull to A skeletal cook:

The cook's bones crack as he reaches out to take the skull from your hands. A voice in your mind says, 'thank you now I can leave this dreadful place. Please take this as I no longer have any use for it' The cook places the skull back in your hands before collapsing into a lifeless pile of bones.

He doesn't depop after the hand-in. No exp or faction hits are awarded.