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Muffin Quests

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There are many quest iterations regarding turning in Muffins. For more details, see the specific quest.

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From The Antonican Times[5]:

Food shortages cause merchants concern

A poor harvest and damaged crops are leaving some merchants short of cretain baked goods. Karn Tassen, local merchant, had this to say about the food shortage. "It is hard enough to scrape by and make enough money to pay your taxes in this town. Now with this blasted plague affecting everything, I'm starting to run out of stock. It's a mess I tell you."

A call has gone to independant bakers to assist our local merchants and those abroad in keeping their supplies properly stocked. Anyone interested in assisting the community in this time of need should inquire local members of the Merchants of Qeynos. Those traveling abroad are urged to contact the Coalition of Trade Folks.


You go to Voleen's Bakery in South Qeynos Karn Tassen has no more muffins in his inventory, neither does Voleen Tassen

You say, 'Hail Karn Tassen' Karn Tassen says 'Bah, I told Voleen it would happen and it finally did! Food is becoming so scarce that I'm starting to run out of stock. You wouldn't happen to [be a baker] yourself or maybe you [know] someone who bakes?

You say, 'I am a baker' Karn Tassen says 'Well good! Maybe you can help me restock. If you are a baker you could help me out by restocking my [muffin supply]. Or if you don't mind a little travel, you can pick up a [shipment of bread] for me.

You say, 'what muffin supply ?' Karn Tassen says 'Thanks, you're a pal. Take this crate and fill it with muffins, then seal it up and bring the Full Muffin Crate back to me. Don't go trying to pass off that store-bought stuff on me either, I need fresh baked muffins. The ones in the stores are already too old and will get moldy too fast, so I don't want those.'

You bake 10 muffins (135 baking skill, need some pottery and smithing too) and you combine them in the crate. You have fashioned the items together to create something new! You give the crate back

Karn Tassen says 'Hey, thanks kid! You are one top notch baker! Here's some coin for your trouble. Your faction standing with MerchantsofQeynos got better. Your faction standing with CircleOfUnseenHands got worse. Your faction standing with AntoniusBayle got better. Your faction standing with CoalitionofTradefolk got better. Your faction standing with GuardsofQeynos got better. You gain experience!! You receive 2 gold from Karn Tassen.

Karn Tassen despawns and respawns 3 seconds later. Now he has muffins to sell.

You can do the same quest with Voleen Tassen:

You say, 'Hail Voleen Tassen' Voleen Tassen says 'Hi Durix . Times are tough these days. It looks like Karn's fears have come to pass. We are finding ourselves running short on baked goods lately. Would you be [willing to help] us out?

You say, 'I am willing to help' Voleen Tassen says 'You'd help us? Oh, you are such a dear! Well, there are two ways you can help us and our little business. If you [can bake] you can make us some muffins so we don't run out. Otherwise, you [can travel] a little way for us and pick up some bread.

You say, 'I can bake' Voleen Tassen says 'A free lance baker, well that is nice. Here. Take this crate and make some of your muffins. Bring the Full Muffin Crate back to me when you are done. I'll pay you the same as we pay our regular suppliers. Make sure you bake them fresh yourself, we only sell quality muffins here.