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Nagafen's Lair Efreeti Room

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NOTE: This page was originally based off of [this forum post] by iruinedyourday. Loramon also provided some light editing, but all credit for this excellent guide belongs to iruinedyourday.



This guide was designed for a Shaman of at least level 56, with an epic weapon. It is also recommended that they have some form of regeneration (either a fungi tunic or innate Iksar/Troll regeneration).

Other classes, or Shaman without those items, can still do this camp, but they likely won't be able to solo it. A Shaman/Monk duo (for instance) should have no trouble with this camp.


This guide walks you through the process of entering SolB via the main Lavastorm entrance, navigating to the camp, moving through mobs you want to ignore by using camp agro, what mobs, spells and locations etc to kill and use, etc. This location is the best spot in the universe for levels 57-59.

I want to add that I got through 59 here in 3 days, of coming home from work, grinding for a few hours and logging comfortably. It really is a fantastic spot to get through that last hell level, so you can delve deeper and greedier into the caves to take Tranix's throne and retire as a lava shaman, a true fire giant.

I made this map to help someone do the same thing so let me try to walk both you and myself through it:

Nagafen's Lair Path to Efreeti Room.jpg

The yellow dotted line is the quickest easiest point of entry and walks you through a lava tunnel, through some bats, a couple Kolbolds and one LDC vie Lavastorm Zonline. I know it is cluttered and it looks like shit, but its all there if you look at it closely heh.


First buff up at the entrance and get full mana. Make sure you have levitate to get through the lava tunnel, you'll notice you might have to clear Kobolds. You can either kill them or you can root them, move past them, then camp and return (to clear agro).

Shortly after walking through the lava tunnel, you will encounter two static bats & a bat that paths through (who you can often avoid altogether if your timing is right). I root both of them, then camp and return. You can see on the map that there is a spot where you can use line of sight to camp out the agro, and be safe when you log back in ... if they path back to their spots. If they don't, simply re-root and repeat.

Lilly Pads

Nagafen's Lair Stepping Stones.jpg

Next is the "lily pads". There is a lava duct crawler here located just at the edge of the lily pads. You'll want to kill it ... at least until you get really good at ninja-crawling through the area.

Inside the Efreeti tunnel entrance is 2 imp guards and one lava guardian. if you wait far enough out in front of the opening to the lair (over the lily pads, the rocks given their name because of their look) you can single pull the lava guardian.

(DO NOT root rot the guards and the guardian inside the opening to the lair! There is a pathing imp that will agro, and if you get bad luck will pull the next 3 down onto you! so this first fight needs to happen over the lily pads, make sure levitate is fresh!)

Once you have cleared those 3 wait for the pather; I prefer to solo kill him. When you get good, you can add him to the 3 opening guard rotation, i like to do 4 mobs at a time at this camp.

The Next Level

After you kill the pather (4 mobs so far, LG & 3 Imps) run up to the next level, there are 3 mobs.

I never use a dog pet, because they take so much mana, so what I would do is carry around 5 or 6 of those 3 charge instant root goblin nets (Wooly Spider Silk Net), and at the end of the night I would gate to North Freeport and recharge them on a merchant. Then I would just run back to sol b the next night to start this rotation again.

I'll explain the next strategy for both: with a dog, or with goblin nets (the elite version hehe).

Send dog up, and root all 3 Imps and kill them. Or, if you're using goblin nets (special cool version), step up, click click click... root root root and rot. Use mana spent on dog on self, healing, and refreshing regeneration.

There are 2 mobs down the way you do not need to kill, but when you get efficient you can throw them into your rot rotation. Ignore them for now. There is a also a mob that roams the stairs up towards the Efreeti lair. Root and kill him.

Next is the patio outside of the Efreeti lair. There are three static mobs and one roamer that lurks inside the doorway to the Efreeti room. You can see through the wall with shrink to time the pull of the 3 on the patio, so you don't have to deal with 4 initial mobs. Simply kill the three, then when ready, kill the one that lurks inside the Efreeti room to finish off this rotation.

At this point the guardians to the lair should be respawning. Go down and kill them, and just repeat the process over and over again for probably like 1 weeks worth of play time, just evenings, you can get to 60 there easy.

Some notes: next to the patio, infront of the efreeti liar, a path leads down towards the 2 extra mobs. DONT walk down that path, there is a trap floor that will send you falling into the lava and most likely perishing a horrible death. you can see the trap floor part if you look off of the patio just right, its like a bridge of stone that is like 2 inches thick.

Corpse Recovery

Lastly there is this final section: Corpse Recovery!

Here I will teach you what to do when you inevitably die. Inside of the lair like you accidentally pulled the whole Efreeti room and died in the hallway deep as fuck in there and you're like "oh shit I'm screwed!"

Well not really. Remember the big lava pool that, if you fall into it, you cannot get out of; you have to leave and come back from the start? In that big lava pool is an underwater lava tunnel that you can swim to that will take you all the way back to the entrance, just before the bats that you had to circumnavigate to get to the lair. From there you can from there walk right out, but why would you want to do that? That tunnel is more for getting BACK inside the lair, without any agro, into a spot that will allow you to /corpse drag your corpse and loot it, should you perish horribly in the lair.

Important: keep bat wings in the BANK! Or if not, there is a merchant in WC that sells them, or maybe its EC.. well its one of those zones. There is a reagent vendor that will sell you bat wings if you have none.

The image below is a closeup of the big lava room where the Efreeti trash is, from the map above:

Nagafen's Lair Lava Room Close Up.jpg

Follow the yellow path using levitate and hope people are there to kill the kobolds (or root & camp your way) so that you can get to the opening to the underwater lava tunnel. Next make sure you cast fire rest on yourself, so the lava does less damage, and also probably a hit point buff and stamina.

Swim through the tunnel, In green there is a little spot you can pop up and heal, and mentally get ready to be finished with the nightmare that is Everquest corpse runs hehe... Then, swim into the big lava area, and be QUICK and CAREFUL because if you are all willy nilly with levitate on walking around you may agro a bunch of shit and get a train on yourself. But, if you are careful, you should be able to poke around and get in range to a corpse even pretty deep into the Efreeti lair.

Final Thoughts

Ok that about wraps it up. Its a super fun camp and once you get to 60 it's time to delve even deeper to take Tranix's throne!

The map is pretty accurate, though sloppy, look for shitty yellow x's where the blue stuff describes things, and as you explore and learn the camp yourself try to figure out where exactly the Xs are and use them. I got pretty nerdy with pixel space and agro radius and such.


baue1446 added the following:

By the way I want to give a big thank you to this guy. His strat worked great. I went from 56 to 60 at solb using his info. I don't think hes accurate about the 9 hours to go from 59 to 60. Cause I was in there killing for 8 hours a day without dying and you can only get about 35% if you kill all 12 EVERY time they spawn. So my 59 was about 30 hours total. Its just not possible to get thru 59 in 9 hours there. Not enough spawns. But the exp here puts grouping to Shame.

A few things I learned though.

  • Don't bother doing this without Fungi. I had one the entire time and when my regen wore off(so no longer double regen) you just don't regen enough to keep all 12 mobs down. Even with Fungi sometimes you gotta take a cani/regen break. ***Negate this if you are a troll or iksar lol. I am an ogre and don't have the innate regen.***
  • And hes right YOU WILL die. At least once or twice every time you break in there. A few bad root breaks or forgetting the timing of your root cycle. Those fucking imps backstab for 400+ I went from 99% to 5% in one round. And I have quite good gear. It is quite rough at times. Once you get the hang of things it gets less stressful but its def a tough camp even for those that are very geared.
  • Obviously if you don't have epic don't bother. Just too fast respawn for it to be mana efficient without epic.
  • Get a fresh aego/DMF before you go in (if you can). I mean EC is 2 zones away takes 10 min. Those 2 buffs last for like 2 hours+ and really help breaking the camp. Not only for bad root breaks but also if you don't have peggy cloak. Having levi up entire time helps. I didn't have levi cloak so I had to carry wings. I mean its not bad but levi last like 20 min. Recasting sucks. Id suggest c2 but it doesn't last very long. So not worth the effort.
  • "If unsure ROOT again". You'll have 4-5 mobs rooted at at time. If at any time you start to lose your mind and not sure where you are at with your epic/root rotation ... just fucking root again. Trust me. This thought process saved my ass so many times I cannot tell you. Them breaking and you getting nailed for 2-3 rounds sets you back A LOT longer than just spending the 2-3% mana it takes per root. This camp isn't nearly as forgiving as CoM ramparts when it comes to how hard mobs it.