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Nashlyenin's Druid Guide to Kedge Keep

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It's been a while since I've been in Kedge but this is what I did to lvl there.



Have root in your top spell slot with a gcd clicky, if you dont have a tunare root clicky have your lowest lvl root up also. You will need this on charm breaks. Root nets can also save you cuz you can root while swimming away. Always think out the positioning because you always want to be against a corner with a good view of your pet and the other mobs. Also you need a goblin invis ring. WC cap also helps.

Charm breaks- have back against corner cast fastest root and swim away to cleared side to another corner. Snare then cast low lvl root on it, then charm it again.

Level 44

Second level with 1 piranha, 1 shark and up to 4 piercers, +2 piranha in the floor.

  • Set up in a corner in the lit up room adjacent to the room the piranha paths to, wait till the shark paths away from his lit room and (Important) make sure none of the piercers are in an agro location that makes them path over the 2 piranhas in the tube floor.
  • Charm the pather piranha and pull him into the room and start rooting the adds. positioning is important here cuz you want the opposite side clear. depending on how many piercers are up, the piranha should be able to kill them. If your pet has too much hp still, use him to attack the shark. When you pet gets low break charm and kill. Now charm the shark, 2 options (1) you can use him to kill the 2 piranhas or (2) take him the golden haired mermaid room.
  • I used him for mermaid room, send shark in, pull it back a little and then cycle through and root everything. Should be mermaid and 2/3 piranhas( cant remember exact amt). Shark will die fast so be quick with your roots and breakin pet. Then with everything rooted together just cycle through the mobs with charm/break.
  • Back to main room with 2 piranhas, swim up the top of the column and charm the non ravenous( this cunt is always up), sometimes it will chase you other times he will attack pet. call pet back while your in the corner and get root/snare on ravenous. Then put a ds on your pet. that should even the fight and once both are low just break charm and kill.

In your mid 40s dont bother going after the nameds if you see on track, they are lvl 49 I thinka and are assbeaters. but if nameds arent up you can go to the shark tank room, dont fight the mermaid in there in your mid 40s, shes tougher and will land dots/roots and dispell your charm. other than that shark tank is easy to break, just go to the adjacent cells and charm1 and root adds ontop of it.

You can also do the same to the 3 sharks on the way to phinny room, just wait till they path away and charm, root together.

You can do this to 53, they changed the zem so maybe no so good anymore. (Eg) Lvl 35 Enchanter before nerf I got 22% exp for clearing the zone ent room, after 11%.

Patriarch Ferocious Hammerhead Shark

If Seahorse Patriarch is up, you will need to be careful, watch him till the paths to the right and try to line up sight and charm him. If he resists, just use your Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap to escape.

Usual tactic if charm lands, root the other swordfish and pathing shark. if Patriarch isn't up just go to the pathing sharks room, wedge yourself in the corner and root move /snare/ low lvl root/ charm use to clump root, cycle through and kill. Only thing is make sure to keep track of what the seahorses are casting, if they start dispelling make sure your ready to root/ or you can also use the indoor stun nuke.


Undertow- if he isnt up, just swim to the top where he spawns and wedge yourself in the arches. Charm 1 have it attack the other, ds yours + es arms/ epic if you have it. Once it gets low charm break and root/snare your pet, finish off other. recharm your pet and use it to kill the mermaid in the corner. - There are low lvl piranha in the ceiling, although I remember just pulling mermaid with a snare and not getting an adds. -Kill the mermaid, the named can drop shark skin drum/ or the sharkbone hammer.

If Undertow or his ph is up, you will have to try to get a line of site charm from the safe corner which is on the opposite side of the seahorse caves. Undertow/ or his PH shouldn't agro but your pet will be attacked by the other seahorse and most likely a low lvl piranha. But use the same clump root/ cycle through method.

Seahorse Caves

Break from within. There are 3 seahorses in main room with a pather going from the left room to a room further in the back. Go to the top left room, wait for pather to come in. After he leaves wedge yourself in corner, Fast root the seahorse in there, move glamour/snare/ charm. Pather will come back and you will have them fight in there with you. Sometimes a cleric will cheal through the wall but it honestly doesn't make that much of a difference. just kill your pet and take the chealed one as a pet. I did discover that if you charm a cleric and if it was low enough on break, it wouldnt cheal itself.

Next swim out the room and go to the tunnel leading to the 2 smaller caves, you should see a little corner where you can wedge yourself and line of sight a seahorse from the main room. charm it and use it to clump the other 2 together. Kill all 3, the next 2 rooms have just a single mob in each, so just corner and fast root to charm them and have them kill each other.


Voila now your 60, I basically described best case scenarios. You will have multiple mobs dispelling each other, if its your pet make it sit. Always try to charm the lower lvl one, its easier to control the fight because you can ds it and clicky dot the higher to even out the fight. Buffs dont matter because you will get dispelled constantly

When I did it starting at 54 I think it was 4.5% a clear and tapered off to 2.5% a clear at 59, 18 min respawn. I had thurg bracer no epic/velious chest. If you have those it would be a little easier.