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Necro Soloing Guide 1-50

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Depending on what you make my recommendation is the starting areas where you can farm a lot of decaying skeletons for Bone Chips, you will need these later so stock up early. I started in Steamfont Mountains, I spent my first 4 levels near the windmills killing ANYTHING that moved, with added emphasis on the skeletons I saw.


Steamfont Mountains - Kobolds in Steamfont, if you run to the Lesser Faydark zoneline and follow the left wall *facing the LFay zoneline* you will run into a large camp of kobolds. Breaking the camp is the hardest part, but once its broke you and your pet can solo these with relative ease. Was pretty good loot/cash.

Once I hit 6 I decided to make that big jump to Antonica, so I bought all my level 8 spells, and packed up and ran to Butcherblock to take the boat to Freeport.


East Commonlands - just west of the tunnel in the sand I spent the next two levels killing snakes and other assortment of things that conned dark blue. I cleared the undead runes if there wasn't any zombies or ghouls up. I also possibly recommend the undead runes in NRO. Its a four spawn, with a chance at a yellow zombie which you can handle with relative ease once the camp is broke.


North Ro - I hung out at the wizard port drop spot, and killed spiders, scarabs, snakes, basically anything that conned blue/white. You may still be able to eek out a level or two at the skeleton camps in NRO, but the xp isn't as nice.


Oasis of Marr / North Ro - Depending on how ambitious you are, you can move onto Oasis of marr, the mobs con a little bit higher for better XP, but sometimes there is alot of people in Oasis, so limited caimen action. If oasis is full you can continue to kill spiders and what not at the wizzie drop spot.


Western Karana - Misty Storyswapper, shes at the farm house near the zone to Qeynos hills, she drops an instrument EVERY time. It sells for a plate each and there's a merchant right behind the house that you can sell too. *I could sell there even with bertoxx as my deity*. If you're ambitious you can kill the guard too, to double up the XP. This honestly is one of the best spots I've seen in the game, its VERY safe XP is 150% worth the run out there.


Oasis of Marr - Deepwater Crocs/Caimens, and the occasional LB Croc, great solo XP, terrible loot. My Alternate here is solo'ing orc high way. Watch out for A Orc Warrior, they hurt :). Better loot, riskier pulls.


Lake Rathetear - Two Aviak Guards outside of THE ARENA. I was able to kill both, run oom, go afk med up, and rinse repeat, safe XP. If you get in trouble you can just zone, also the drop bronze, so good loot droppers. I'd recommend binding at the merchant in Lake Rath so you can gate when u get too weighted down.


North Karana - Cordelia Minster, she stands at the wizard spires in NK. She chain messes you, but if you have your Allure of Death *hps to mana drain* it will break the mes. I found fear kiting her early on was the easiest way, until I got my 24 pet, but you can agro kite her as she just stands there anyways while you nuke. This camp in NK has become more fruitful, as I started killing the guards at the SK zone line as well as still killing Cordelia Minster, the only real problem is those guards have a LONG re-spawn time.


South Karana - Just outside of Splitpaw there are three spires, with a total of 4 mobs near them, 1 has 2, the other 2 have one. Depending on your comfort level, you can kill the two 1 spawns, and avoid the two spawn, or you can kill the two spawn and 1 of the 1 spawns. 1% XP a kill, good loot finesteel, splitpaw gloves that sell for like 20-30pp, whips, etc etc. Great spot, just look out for the occasional pathing cyclops.


Butcherblock Mountains - Den and friends. Depending on where is open, the dwarven females in the houses around BB are GREAT Xp and cash. Theres Den Ironblend on the road near the crossroads in BB. Theres also a house on the shoreline with 4 of them to kill. There's also 4 of them near the docks. The ones near the shoreline are the best, because theres a merchant right inside of the house, which you can sell too even though your killing dwarves.


Highkeep - (Rumzuck) I found Highkeep an excellent zone for necros who do not care about their faction there. The experience is awesome. There are many guards and it is quite easy to solo these with the LVL 29 pet. With the LVL 34 pet (+mez/root), you can also break spawns with 2+ guards quite nicely. This is in my opinion a great place even up to level 40 (probably even up to level 50).