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Necromancer Words - X`Ta Timpi

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X`Ta Timpi
Start Zone: Neriak Foreign Quarter
Quest Giver: X`Ta Timpi
Minimum Level: 46
Classes: Necromancer
Related Zones: The Estate of Unrest, Lower Guk, Plane of Fear, The Feerrott
Related NPCs: a boogeyman, a spectre, a worry wraith, dark boned skeleton, ice boned skeleton



You can get 12 words needed for high level Necromancer pet research from the 3 Sisters (X`Ta Tempi, Timpi, and Tompi) in Neriak Foreign Quarters (-10, -45). It is really easier to get them though randomly looting creatures than by doing the quests.

NPC introduced Sep 1999 [1]

Timpi will give you the following words:

Words of Detachment:

Words of Rupturing:

Words of the Suffering:

Words of Requisition:

Need all dialogues, current faction hits, /loc of quest mobs.