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Nesiff's Statue

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Vesteri Nomanoi
Start Zone: Surefall Glade
Quest Giver: Vesteri Nomanoi
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: All
Related Zones: South Qeynos
Related NPCs: Nesiff Tallaherd



Your Location is -122.39, -303.39, 3.28

You say, 'Hail, Vesteri Nomanoi'

Vesteri Nomanoi says 'Hail, ______. I am Vesteri Namanoi. I provide training to the Jaggedpine Treefolk and their allies. If you are not busy, I would like to ask a small [favor] of you.'

You say, 'What favor?'

Vesteri Nomanoi says 'I need you to take this claim check to Qeynos for me. Nesiff Talaherd is a woodcarver who owns a shop in South Qeynos. I am having him carve a small statue of Tunare for Te'Anara. With my training schedule, I can not make the journey to Qeynos. Please give this claim check to Nesiff and bring the statue to me. It is a surprise, so please do not say anything to Te'Anara about it.'

You receive a Claim Check (identifies as "Vesteri's Claim Check"), which reads:


Head to South Qeynos, inside Nesiff's Wooden Weapons (loc 440.56, -243.45):

You say, 'Hail, Nesiff Tallaherd'

Nesiff Tallaherd says 'Greetings, ______! Nesiff Tallaherd, owner and operator of Nesiff's Wooden Weapons, at your service. I am the finest woodworker in all of Qeynos. Even the Qeynos Guard uses my arrows, thanks to [Guard Weleth].'

Give Nesiff the claim check.

Nesiff Tallaherd says 'Oh. Vesteri sent you? Here you go. I hope Te'Anara likes it.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Wooden Statue (identifies as "Statue of Tunare"). Take it back to Vesteri.

Vesteri Nomanoi says 'Oh thank you so much! Here. Take this reward for your time. I will also tell Te'Anara of you.'

You gain experience!!

You receive 1 silver from Vesteri Nomanoi.