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Non-Classic Compendium

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Notice: This page needs a revamp or clean-up. It may contain serious omissions or information which is incorrect for Project 1999. It may represent the wrong era, and/or may be the result of a revamp on Live which may not yet be active on P99. Do not trust this page.

Classic era defines the time in EverQuest Live from launch up to, but not including, the launch of the Luclin expansion. Project 1999's goals are to model that era and only that era in the EverQuest evolution.[1] However, there may be differences in items, quests, game mechanics, etc. between Project 1999 and what was seen during that era on Live, or what is currently seen on Live for a variety of reasons:

  • Pending Research: Not enough information could be researched from the classic era on live to model it exactly.[2]
  • Pending Release: Since Project 1999 is following the same evolution from launch to Kunark to Velious, the difference may yet be pending for a future Project 1999 release.
  • Post-Luclin: The difference may be caused by a change made to Live as of or after Luclin release, and will never be modeled in Project 1999.
  • Client Limitations: Limitations in the EQ Titanium client may prevent Project 1999 from ever modeling classic era EverQuest perfectly.
  • Intentional Changes: For integrity of the server or game play reasons, the Project 1999 team may have intentionally introduced a difference from classic era EverQuest Live.


Pending Research - Could be implemented with additional sources of information.

Additional sources of confirmation or information are necessary to resolve these discrepancies properly. As the Project 1999 design team relies on hard evidence rather than users' memory of events during classic era and that it can sometimes be hard to find the exact way that things were during EverQuest's classic era, some differences may be introduced merely from lack of evidence. Project 1999 users are encouraged to research and provide evidence if there are known issues.

Pending Release - Will likely be implemented with a future content release.

Project 1999 is currently post-Kunark in its evolution. The Project 1999 team plans to release content in the same order as was done on EverQuest Live, up to but not including Luclin. These differences are because post-Kunark changes have not been introduced intentionally because Project 1999 is not yet in that phase of evolution.

Game Mechanics

  • Melee vs. Hybrid class melee damage table changes made approximately 2 months before Luclin launch.[3]

Post-Luclin - Will likely never be implemented.

These are common user questions about things not seen in Project 1999 or seen differently from EverQuest Live that are intentionally so because they were introduced with or post-Luclin expansion. As such, these items will never match EverQuest Live on Project 1999.


Epic Quests

The original epic ("1.0") quests were often changed later, and so guides you might find elsewhere will not be accurate to p99. The epic quest guides on this wiki will be true to classic. This is a list noting the major differences between the classic epic quests and their revamped versions, where applicable.

Class Changes between Live and Classic Live Changes between Classic Live and P99
  • Trakanon cannot be spawned via Undead Bard
  • Don't need Pearlescent Fragments from Skyfire. You can directly hand the pearl received from Natasha to Zordak in Sol B
  • Zordakalicus Ragefire is in Sol B in Naggy's Lair (and shares a timer with Nagafen?)
  • Innoruuk must be killed for Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth, no minis drop this currently
  • Cazic's Skin required instead of turning Golem Sproket in to a broken golem in PoFear

Client Limitations - Will likely never be implemented.

Project 1999 is designed to work with the EverQuest Titanium client and no newer or older release of the client. Because there are no changes introduced to and no plans to introduce changes to the client from its stock executable, these differences are unintended but also unfixable because they rely on changes to the client.

Game Mechanics

  • Dropping coins (money) to the ground was possible on live, but not on p1999.[6]

Zone Geography

  • Not able to swim up waterfall at Mines of Nurga entrancereference?
  • Not able to swim through The Hole door crack in Paineel, unless a smaller race.reference?


  • There is no night blindness in p99.reference?
  • Post-Luclin models for elementals (fire, earth, air, water), wolves, skeletons, etc, which are not classic. Prevented from using non-classic models. in this thread

Intentional Changes

Project 1999 team has decided to intentionally make these changes from EverQuest classic era.

Game Mechanics

  • High-level raid mobs have large variance (random component to their respawn time) on p1999, but were somewhat more predictable on Live.[7][8][9]


  • Veeshan's Peak "Dropables": Mask of Magma, Lava Drake Hide Sleeves[10]

For a listing of items awarded during GM events on live but not known to exist on p99, see Players:GM Events.


Game Mechanics

  • Summoned pets cannot dual wield without weapons, regardless of level.reference?
  • restore full DoT damage to moving (non-feared) mobs occurred during Velious?reference?
  • NPCs would drop items they had been previously given on live, but not on p1999.reference?


  • Shrouds of Earthen Shadow (from The Hole opening event on live)reference?


  • Many damage shield timers are 5 min instead of 15 min?reference?

Zone Geography

  • Not able to click firepot for Rogue Disarm Traps skill-up in Timorous Deep.reference?

Multi-questable Quests

Multi-questing: on live, all quests (due to how they were implemented) could be "multi-quested", whereby any number of different players could hand in items for a multi-component quest turnin, and only the player handing in the last required item would receive the reward. Quests are implemented differently in EQEmu and in general this is not possible. On p1999 certain quests have explicitly had this mechanic enabled. (ref). The complete list is:

  • All the class epic quests were designed to be MQable.reference?
  • Multi-questable additions on the Feb 17th, 2013 patch:
  • Multi-questable additions on the Feb 23rd, 2014 patch:

Note: A comment from Uthgaard in the above referenced thread would seem to indicate that most quests implemented since early 2011 would have MQ enabled, although there doesn't seem to be any list nor any way to know for sure for any given quest. "Every script that has been written in the last 9 months has been written this way." (ref)

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