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Notable Updates

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The goal of this page is to provide somewhere that players can check regularly to find major updates to the wiki. While there are other more fine-grained "recent update" pages such as Special:RecentChanges or Special:Log, this one is intended only for note-worthy changes. Similarly, unlike Special:NewPages it doesn't include every new page, while also including major changes to existing pages.


August 2019 Updates

  • 8/13/2019 - Added a new page to explain Guild Commands (while they were previously listed on the Commands page, they lacked an explanation of what they actually did and who was allowed to run them)
  • 8/10/2019 - More than forty zones (nearly every city and all of Odus) have now been "loc-mapped" (NPCs in those zones can display their location on a map)

July 2019 Updates

  • 7/9/2018 - "Loc maps" are no longer beta, and Category: Loc Mapped (the zones with locs mapped) now includes eighteen zones
  • 7/4/2019 - Introduced experimental ("beta") loc maps for NPCs (currently only ones in Eastern Wastes and Rivervale)
  • 7/3/2019 - Added an image column to the Per-Level Hunting Guide (and then fixed the class-based filters which had been broken)
  • 7/2/2019 - Added a new category of Significant Factions (ie. factions which give access to vendors, banks, or quests)

June 2019 Updates

  • 6/20/2019 - Added "Forum Search" links to all of the auction tracker boxes on the site, so players can easily go from looking at an item in the wiki to searching for it in the auction forum
  • 6/7/2019 - Added a new Category:Invisibility Items page which includes links to "canned" searches for finding invisibility items by class

May 2019 Updates

  • 5/17/2019 - Added "Filter by Class" to item tables (such as those found at the bottom of every zone page): by clicking these links players can change the table to only display items for a specific class

Earlier Updates

  • March-April 2019 - Major additions to the Plane of Mischief page, with new sections for every area in the zone plus maps and navigational instructions.

Adding to This Page

Just as with any other wiki page this page can (and should!) be edited by anyone. Whenever you make a note-worthy addition to the wiki, or see one which hasn't been mentioned here, please use this page to let others know about it.

Please use your best judgement on what is "note-worthy". The intent is to let people know of things like major new sections being added to a zone page, or the addition of a new player guide ... not updates to a mob's drops or your Magelo ;)

Please include the date of the update at the beginning and keep updates sorted by date.