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Note for Konem

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Phin Esrinap
Start Zone: North Qeynos
Quest Giver: Phin Esrinap
Minimum Level: 1+
Classes: Monk (or non-KoS)
Related Zones: Qeynos Hills
Related NPCs: Konem Matse



Phin Esrinap is in the monk's guild in North Qeynos.

Tell Phin Esrinap, "Where is Konem?."

He will say he left somewhere and hasn't returned, and will give you a note to take to him.

You receive Message to Konem.

Konem Matse is in Qeynos Hills. He is always very close to one of the two paths and he is usually under a tree. Give the note to Konem.

Konem Matse says 'Oh I see.. Phin's always after me about something. I mean, it's not my fault the order hasn't come in yet. Hey, since I'm so busy right now, why don't you be a friend and take this back to Phin for me, huh?'

You gain experience!!

You receive: Grathin's Invoice.

It reads:

Phin -- I am sorry to report that the wooden arms you ordered last week, have not yet arrived. I've sent my assistant to find out what happened to the last trade caravan. Probably bandits again. I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything. -- Grathin

Give it to Phin.

Phin Esrinap says 'Oh this is not good. Too many innocent traders have been getting robbed lately by the those vile bandits out in the Karanas. Something must be done soon. Anyway, thank you for delivering the message.. you did well, young __________. Here's a little something to quench your thirst from all that running around.'

You gain experience!!

You receive a Water Flask.