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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)

Item 956.png

WT: 0.1 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Merchant resale value: Vendors for 6g 4s 2c Max

Drop looted from


City of Mist

Clan Runnyeye

Cobalt Scar


Dagnor's Cauldron


Eastern Plains of Karana

Erud's Crossing

The Estate of Unrest

Firiona Vie

Frontier Mountains

Greater Faydark

Karnor's Castle

Lake of Ill Omen

Lavastorm Mountains

Lesser Faydark

Rathe Mountains

Northern Desert of Ro

Old Sebilis


Skyfire Mountains

Southern Desert of Ro

Steamfont Mountains

Swamp of No Hope

The Feerrott

The Overthere

Warsliks Woods

Sold by

Zone Merchant Name Area Loc
Ak'Anon a clockwork jeweler (1348, -884)
East Cabilis Klok Ixmid (659, 156)
East Commonlands Katha Firespinner (234, 4731)
Erudin Palace Anite Gemcutter (784, 598)
Erudin Palace Glysin Denuen (631, 574)
Erudin Palace Myrcin Denuen (697, 597)
Erudin Palace Elbsin Denuen (667, 574)
Felwithe Merchant Tyslin (107, -439)
Felwithe Merchant Tyslin (450, -775)
Firiona Vie Drake Mountainstorm (-3634, 2404)
North Freeport Aimie Moonspin (-54, -246)
North Freeport Jade (-169, 202)
Greater Faydark Merchant Laedar (617, 542)
Grobb Rezslog (455, -178)
Grobb Uzak (563, -318)
Highpass Keep Merchant Edina (-97, -294)
North Kaladim Banaf Norkhitter (690, 431)
Neriak Commons Nekola N`Ryt (81, -931)
Neriak Third Gate Telnor D`Unnar (816, -1425)
Oasis of Marr Tran (541, -43)
Oasis of Marr Innkeep Marnan (-1321, -261)
North Qeynos Svena Ironforge (60, 34)
Rathe Mountains Darfumpel Zirubbel (4093, 896)
Southern Desert of Ro Rathmana Allin (1210, 1402)
Steamfont Mountains Torodrane Frompwaddle (-1602, -1841)
Thurgadin Meg Tucter (-350, -54)

Related Quests

Player crafted

  • This item is not crafted by players.

Tradeskill Recipes