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Opal Darkbriar

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Opal Darkbriar
Opal Darkbriar
Race: High Elf OR Dark Elf
Class: GM Wizard OR GM Necromancer
Level: 61
Zone: West Freeport OR East Freeport
Location: (153, -711) in WFP , (-60, -185) in EFP underground
AC: 415
HP: 20000 (100)
Damage per hit: 143 - 283
Attacks per round: 2 (81%)
Special: None


Opal Darkbriar is perhaps one of the strangest oddities in Norrath. According to the tabletop RPG, she is a Dark Elf Cleric guildmaster of the Dismal Rage in East Freeport who uses an artifact to pose as a High Elf Wizard guildmaster of the Academy of Arcane Scientists in West Freeport. The artifact affects her mind if she uses it for too long, making her faction alliances tend more toward the high elf version.

Confusing this matter even further is that one of the historical enemies of the order of Arcane Scientists are the Freeport Militia, who themselves are allied with the evil Opal Darkbriar.

Known Loot

  • None


Opposing Factions

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