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Orc Scalp Collecting

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Captain Ashlan
Start Zone: Highpass Hold
Quest Giver: Captain Ashlan
Minimum Level: 1+ (15-20)
Classes: All
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: an orc acolyte,

an orc berserker, an orc conscript, an orc fanatic, an orc medic, an orc mercenary, an orc soldier, an orc warrior



Captain Ashlan spawns in two different areas, both are in the pass itself not the keep. One is up the steps near the Kithicor Forest end above the orcs, the other is near the gnoll camp at the East Karana end, also above the pass. He tends to walk around a lot.

You say, 'Hail, Captain Ashlan'

Captain Ashlan says 'Greetings, traveler! I am Captain Ashlan of the Highpass Guards. I keep watch over my men and the volunteers here at the East Gate. It's been a busy [job] here lately, with the [orc raids] and all.'

You say, 'What job?'

Captain Ashlan says 'We're short-handed around here, as usual. Would you like to help us out with the [Volunteer Watch]?'

You say, `What Volunteer Watch?'

Captain Ashlan says 'The Volunteer Watch guards the entry gates of Highpass. Since the [orc raids] are becoming more and more frequent, it's a busy job. But it can pay well, depending on how many [orcs] you slay.'

You say, 'What orcs?'

Captain Ashlan says 'One of the orc clans of Kithicor Woods has been trying to expand their territory. Small orc raiding parties are frequently rushing the East Gate. Without the [Volunteer Watch] helping us out, Highpass would probably be overrun by those vile beasts.'

Turn in an Orc Scalp (you may turn in up to four at once).

Captain Ashlan says 'Great work! Maybe you can help us out again sometime?'

You gain experience!!

Fixed amount of coin per turn in.

Notes about Experience per Scalp

:  2% at level 17
:  2% at level 18
:  2% at level 19
:  2% at level 20
:  .9% at level 25 Oger/sk