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P99Wiki:Guide to Deletion

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Deletion of a P99 Everquest Wiki article removes the current version and all previous versions from view. The deletion process is simple.


All text created in the P99 Everquest should relate to Everquest and be appropriate for the wiki.

The primary goal of the wiki is to be an accurate source of classic content information. Thus, the main reason for deletion is that the content being deleted is not classic or incorrect on p1999.

Before nominating an article for deletion, please:

  • Check the "what links here" link to see how the article is being used within P99 Everquest.

General Deletion Process

Anyone can make a nomination. The nomination, however, must be in good faith.

To request that an article be deleted from the P99 Everquest:

  1. Place the {{Delete}} template at the top of the offending article. This will place the article in the Articles for deletion category.
  2. Click on the link in the template (to go to article's talk page) and indicate why you think the article should be deleted.

When an article is nominated for deletion, the P99 Everquest Wiki community may discuss its merits for as long as needed, in order to come to a public consensus about whether the article is acceptable. However, for the most part, articles nominated for deletion will be removed by an administrator whenever they are noticed.

  • Always explain your reasoning. This allows others to challenge or support facts, suggest compromises or identify alternative courses of action that might not yet have been considered.
  • Do not remove or modify other people's comments even if you believe them to be in bad faith.

Objections to Deletion

  • If you think that an article was wrongly kept after the deletion process, you could wait to see if the article is improved to overcome your objections; if it isn't, you can renominate it for deletion. If and when you do renominate, be careful to say why you think the reasons proffered for keeping the article are poor, and why you think the article must be deleted.
  • If you think that an article was wrongly deleted, you can recreate the article. If you do decide to recreate it, pay careful attention to the reasons that were proffered for deletion. Overcome the objections, and show that your new, improved work meets P99 Everquest Wiki policies.

General Advice

Do Not Take It Personally

Please remember that the deletion process is about the appropriateness of the article for inclusion in P99 Everquest. A deletion nomination is not a rejection of the author or an attack on his/her value as a member of the P99 Everquest community. Therefore, please do not take personally a nomination of an article you've worked on.

Be Tolerant Of Others

Deletion discussions follow the normal P99 Everquest talk page etiquette. Please be familiar with the etiquette before contributing. This includes avoiding personal attacks and being courteous to other contributors.

Additional References

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