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Plane of Sky Keys

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Sirran the Lunatic
Start Zone: Plane of Sky
Quest Giver: Sirran the Lunatic
Minimum Level: 46
Classes: All
Related Zones: Plane of Sky
Related NPCs: Bazzt Zzzt, Gorgalosk, Keeper of Souls, Protector of Sky, Sister of the Spire, The Spiroc Lord, a thunder spirit princess

Plane of Sky Keys

Sirran the Lunatic is the little chap who will hand you keys to progress from isle to isle in Plane of Sky.

Obtain the free key from the Key Master to journey down to the quest room - the northern dish on island one is the click spot. Looks like a Jade.


1) He will assist any MOB still living so make sure you always kill Sirran's spawning MOB last.

2) He pops on (or very close to) the kill location of each island's boss MOB.

3) Won't attack unless you start chatting with him. Just hailing him is safe.

4) Despawns in 20 mins.

5) If you have trouble clicking the ashtray in first person, try zooming the camera out


On the first island (Key Master/Thunder Spirits Island), he spawns once Thunder Spirit Princess dies. Hand him one Miniature Sword to get the Key of Swords (to island 1.5, Noble Dojorn Island, which is a one-way trip). Hand him one Lost Rabbit's Foot to get the Key of the Misplaced (to island 2, Azarack Island).

On the second island (Azarack Island), he spawns once the Protector of Sky dies. Hand him one Broken Mirror to get the Key of Misfortune (to Gorgalask Island).

On the third island (Gorgalosk Island), he spawns once Gorgalosk dies. Hand him one Animal Figurine to get the Key of Beasts (to Harvester Island).

On the fourth island (Harvester Island), he spawns once the Keeper of Souls dies. Hand him one Bird Whistle to get the Avian Key (to Spiroc Island).

On the fifth island (Spiroc Island), he spawns once the Spiroc Lord dies. Hand him one Noise Maker to get the Key of the Swarm (to Wasp Island).

On the sixth island (Wasp Island), he spawns once the Bazzt Zzzt dies. Hand him one Dull Dragon Scale to get the Key of Scale (to Drake Island). Telling him the phrase "Am I one with the wall" will make The Sister of the Spire spawn on Drake Island.

On the seventh island (Drake Island), he spawns once the Sister of the Spire dies. Hand him one Replica of the Wyrm Queen to get Veeshan's Key (to the eighth and final island, Butterfly Island).

There are no keys to be obtained on the eighth and final island.