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This script will use the Affinity part of cmd.exe and start, and pick a random CPU to run EverQuest on. This will in theory extend the lifetime of your cpu by spreading the load over different cores each time Everquest is run. That is; Everquest will run on one core, but each time it runs it will pick a core at random.


Create a batch file inside your Everquest Folder (for this example it assumes C:\EQLite). Call the batch file A_Run_Everquest.bat Copy paste the following code into the batch file


REM This only works up to Minimum of 1 and Maximum of 8 Cores
REM It picks a random CPU core between 1 and the Maximum and runs Everquest on that CPU core

SET _AppFolder=C:\EQLite
SET _AppEXE=eqgame.exe
SET _AppParams=patchme
SET /a _MaxCPU=8
SET /a _rand=%RANDOM%*%_MaxCPU%/32768+1 
SET _affinity=0x01
IF %_rand% EQU 2 SET _affinity=0x02
IF %_rand% EQU 3 SET _affinity=0x04
IF %_rand% EQU 4 SET _affinity=0x08
IF %_rand% EQU 5 SET _affinity=0x10
IF %_rand% EQU 6 SET _affinity=0x20
IF %_rand% EQU 7 SET _affinity=0x40
IF %_rand% EQU 8 SET _affinity=0x80

cmd.exe /c start "%_AppName%" /affinity %_affinity% "%_AppFolder%\%_AppEXE%" %_AppParams%

Edits Required

  • Edit _AppFolder=C:\EQLite\ change this to the folder path that you installed everquest into
  • Edit _MaxCPU=8 change this to the number of CPU cores you have (you can find this in Task Manager)
  • Change your short cut from C:\EQLite\eqgame.exe patchme to C:\EQLite\A_Run_Everquest.bat