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Pub Kal

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Pub Kal, Kaladim
Pub Kal, entrance
Pub Kal, bar

Pub Kal, a fitting name for a pub in the heart of Kaladim no doubt. The very surname of the bartenders, Darkfoam, is reminiscent of the smooth froth you get from richly roasted dwarven barley. Though small and cozy, travelers who stop here can sip on some Dwarven Ale and Gnomish Spirits while flipping through pages of the latest edition of Brewer's Limericks.

For the brewmaster in training, this might be a very valuable place to consider spending your time. Hanamaf Darkfoam sells all the ingredients to make Ol'Tujim's Fierce Brew which can take you all the way up to level 135, and there's a brew barrel just feet away. This type of convenience is a luxury when dealing with a brew such as Ol'Tujim's that requires non-stackable Casks.

City: Kaladim
NPCs: Hanamaf Darkfoam, Dura Darkfoam
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel
Related Quests: --
Notable Drinks: Dwarven Ale, Gnomish Spirits