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Qeynos Leveling Quests

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Very important, you will destroy your faction standing with the Bloodsabers (evil guild for Bertoxxulus worshippers in the Qeynos Catacombs)


Part 1: Rabid Wolves (lv4+)

At any given time in the Qeynos Hills zone you’ll find 2 A Rabid Wolf up, one is level 3 and the other level 5. These used to have specific spawn points and patrolled on a very specific path but that was changed with the Karana’s plague event update.

Noteworthy: Both can proc the rabies which hits you with a small amount of direct damage and a very lengthy -1hp/tick debuff, thankfully when you turn in the quest you’ll get cure diseased cast upon you.

You’ll loot from them Diseased Wolf Pelts which you can either farm them until your inventory is full or turn them in one at a time to get that rabies cure.

Turn these at the Priest of Life Space Ship in North Qeynos to Priestess Caulria, she’ll cast cure disease on you, and award you as shown below.

This is great experience until level 8 or 9 when you’ll move onto the next step.

Part 2: Rabid Grizzly (lv8+)

Staying in Qeynos Hills you’ll find a single A Rabid Grizzly, just like with the wolves its spawn location and pathing has changed, it used to spawn on a hill outside of Blackburrow.

Noteworthy: This mob is an undercon (hits for around 25 per attack and procs rabies), meaning it is a lot tougher than other mobs in the same level range. If you’re a pet class this won’t really be a problem but if something else you might want to wait until level 9 or 10 before tackling this beasty.

You’ll loot a Putrid Bear Hide for the quest and occasionally Grizzly Bear Skin which can sell for 20-40pp to other players.

Same as above you bring these to Priestess Caulria, you’ll get more experience, coin, and faction, along with a copy of Endure Disease which you can vendor for even more coin.

I typically stop doing the grizzly quest at lv14 and move onto step 3 but I’ve seen folks do this in the 20’s (though you really should let lowbies do this quest at that point). Note that in gathering pics for this guide upon turning in 1 wolf and grizzly pet my exp bar jumped a bit over 1% at level 31.

Step 3: Bandits!

In West, North, and East Karana you’ll find camps of bandits (North K’s are actually called “A Raider” at #14). Typically 5-6 to a camp, a mixture of wizards and “warrior” mobs that backstab (wiki calls them warriors) with a level range of 9-12. Their packed in close enough to where you’ll want to find a way to single pull them, via lull, harmony, sneak pulling, etc..

Aside from these being decent exp till lv18-19 and offering some good faction hits upon death:

They drop our next quest item Bandit Sashes, these can be handed in to Chesgard Sydwen

Located at the paladin guild in South Qeynos for faction, coin, exp, and a bronze weapon (value varies from 1-6pp).

I typically load up every available inventory slot with sashes whilst I’m out at the bandit camps, great exp and coin that’ll get you into the 20’s. I can’t say exactly how long the exp is good for but I met a rogue who was still doing sashes in his 40’s for the plat and exp gain, the one sash I turned in for the guide pictures gave me 1% exp at level 31 so it’s possible.

At this point you'll be lv20+ and have upwards of 1000 plat saved up, not counting spell costs, be hated by the evil qeynos guilds, be almost Ally faction with all the good factions in the Karana's and have no trouble safely traveling through Highpass.

Step 4: Bread Shipment

Temporary Step, whenever the Karana’s Plague Event ends so shall this (I think?)

This one takes a bit of travelling and being able to Bind Affinity yourself next to one of the NPC’s and being able to SoW/gate will drastically improve the efficiency.

The quest dialog and wiki pages are a bit borked (neither NPC has a wiki page) but if go to South Karana and visit Jarlen Meadowgreen you can do The Bread Shipment quest, though it’s not the same turn in npc that the wiki lists.

There is no [quest trigger] in his dialog but if you mention Bread he will respond.

Hand him 2gp and off you go to North Karan with your Bag of Bread Loaves.

In lieu of what the wiki says, take the bag to Inkeep James in North Karana, he’ll have no quest trigger dialog about the bread quest but he will offer a muffin quest which is another option if you know a baker.

Turn in for a range of coin reward and faction, note this will have negative hits to the rogue guild in Qeynos.

Noteworthy: If you can, bind at Jarlen in South Karana as sometimes Griffons and Hillgiants will path right over Inkeep James, and no one wants to be stuck in a death loop.

This should easily be viable from 20-24 or even 29, I’ll be testing this shortly on my mage but for the sake of the guide after the turn in I was 2% further into lv31.


originally posted in guide format by Tann on the project 1999 forums. [1]