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Ravager's 1k Twink Guide

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TL;DR Version: Any Class 1k Twink Set:

People make a big fuss about gear and a lot of new players get the impression that you can't have fun unless you have the best gear, which couldn't be further from the truth. A great deal of satisfaction in this game comes from upgrading as you play.

That said, for new players or alt-aholics, a leg up for the first 20 or so levels can take a bit of frustration out of the early level grind. I present here a guide (by no means perfect) for some suggested inexpensive twinking options.

At low levels (and all levels really), HP and Mana are king, respective of the classes that use them. So any cheap gear that offers +HP and +Mana are desired. Don't invest in expensive +Int +Wis +Sta gear just yet, because you won't see any worthwhile gains until the middle and upper levels. 5p for an Alligator Tooth Earring will give you more bang for your buck than 150 plat for a 6 Sta Platinum Bloodstone Earring (5hp to start vs 6hp, or even less depending on class). After gearing for HP and Mana, decent weapons with high damage and low delay are the next concern (except for casters who should buy their spells). Ideally, you want a weapon for each weaponskill you have, even if you rely on one skill more than others. You want to be able to skill up all of your skills every level. It will save you a lot of trouble in the future when you find that a better weapon of a different skill will upgrade your current weapon.

Also, when you do upgrade your gear, the smart purchases to begin with will be jewelry. The prices on jewelry are pretty stable and they can be worn by anyone, so when you do eventually upgrade the jewelry you can either resell it for what you paid, or you can pass it on to another alt.

Prices shown are likely to be the lowest you can find these items for, though it may take a bit of work and bargaining to get them that low.

  • Note: Items with (*) before them are my choice for priority if you're going super cheap or you are a brand new player looking for what to start with.

See original forum thread for possible updates.

By Class


Total: 910pp


Total ~940pp


Total ~930p


Total ~630p


Total ~815pp


Total ~875p


Total ~1040


Total ~670p


Total ~770p


Total ~660p


Total ~900p


Total ~670p


Total ~990p


Total ~800p



Golden Fire Wedding Ring x2 ~200p for Platinum Fire Wedding Ring (Save 300p at the cost of 2ac and 20hp. In the long run, Platinum will be more useful, but if you're short on plat, these will definitely give you good value.)

Moonstone Ring x2 ~200p for Platinum Skull Ring (Save 200p at the cost of 60hp, but you gain 20m and 6 str. Casters who don't have much str can benefit from being able to carry more loot, but 60hp at low levels is incredibly useful.)

Adamantite Band x2 ~300p for Platinum Fire Wedding Ring (Save 200p, gain 40hp at the cost of being more vulnerable to casters and 10ac)

Cheap All/All

(Good to pass off to alts as you acquire better):

Total ~120p

(This set is cheap to acquire, can be used by any class/race and adds 65hp/40m)

Additional All/All Though More Expensive

Weapons that Proc at Level 1