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Robe of the Elements Quest

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Start Zone: Temple of Solusek Ro
Quest Giver: Joyce
Minimum Level: 25
Classes: Magician
Related Zones: Lesser Faydark, Permafrost, Solusek's Eye
Related NPCs: fire goblins, ice goblins, a faerie guard


  • Robe of the Elements
    Robe of the Elements
    Item 931.png

    Slot: CHEST
    AC: 9
    INT: +4
    SV FIRE: +5 SV COLD: +5
    WT: 3.5 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: MAG


Joyce will make a Robe of the Elements if you bring her the following:

You say, 'Hail, Joyce'

Joyce says 'I am Joyce of the Temple of Solusek Ro. I am the guardian of four of the items of the elementalist. If you are a magician, ask me about the [Robe of the Elements], the [clay bracelet], the [earthen boots] or the [Circlet of Mist].'

You say, 'What Robe of the Elements?'

Joyce says 'The Robe of the Elements is a fine cloak for a Magician. It provides protection from the elements, protection from melee attacks and aids the Magician with her focus. Are you [interested in the robe]?'

You say, 'I am interested in the robe.'

Joyce says 'I will make for you the Robe of the Elements, but I will be needing the proper components. I will be needing a fire goblin skin, a frost goblin skin, a Twice-Woven Cloak which can be found on Faerie Guards in the Faydark, and a scroll of elemental armor. Return to me with these items and I will craft your robe.'

[Hand in the items]

Joyce says 'You have done well. You are truly a powerful Magician. Here is your Robe of the Elements.'

Your faction standing with TempleofSolusekRo got better.

Your faction standing with ShadowedMen got worse.