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Rogue Epic Quest

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Kunark Epic Quests Era (added Sept 2000)
Project99 Server First Ragebringer - Kitai
Start Zone: Qeynos Aqueducts
Quest Giver: Malka Rale
Minimum Level: 46+
Classes: Rogue
Related Zones: Various
Related NPCs: Various



  • Ragebringer
    Item 1183.png

    Skill: Piercing Atk Delay: 25
    DMG: 15
    STR: +20 DEX: +10 STA: +10 AGI: +10 HP: +100
    SV DISEASE: +10 SV MAGIC: +20 SV POISON: +20
    Effect: Seething Fury (Worn)
    WT: 2.5 Size: SMALL
    Class: ROG
    Race: ALL except ERU HIE TRL OGR IKS

Classic Long and Tedious Checklist -- Scroll down for a better one

  • - Step 1 - Obtain Stanos' Pouch
    • Achieve at least Level 50 (mandatory)
    • Go to the Qeynos Aqueducts and find Malka Rale at +380, -210, tell her 'I can help' to receive Stanos' Pouch.
  • - Step 3 - Plane of Hate (Raid/Risky Group or Solo)
    • Teleport to Plane of Hate, obtain Book of Souls (ground spawn).
  • - Step 5 - Spawn and kill General V`Ghera (Raid)
    • Return Translated Parchment into Stanos. Receive a sealed box from Stanos.
    • Travel to Kithicor Forest, hand in a sealed box to any of the Dark Elves to spawn General V`ghera.
    • IMPORTANT: Do not use hide or invisibility while turning in the box, but do use sneak. Verify that you are sneaking but not hidden and that the mob cons indifferent before turning-in or you may lose your progress!
    • Kill General V`ghera. Loot General's Pouch and, if it drops, Cazic Quill*.
  • - Step 6 - Auxiliary Questing (If necessary)
    • *If Jagged Diamond Dagger or Cazic's Quill did not drop, do appropriate side-quest (below).

Rohane's Rogue Epic Guide

All info taken from with a few teensy weensy tweaks and some added notes. There's gotta be a better way to format this. Collapsible note boxes or something, links to a note second just under the checklist? I don't know how to wiki.

pre-note: When it comes to pick pocketing these items, you will almost always get the items before the money. If on the first pick you get plat, pick again. If you get plat again, pick again. If by the third or fourth pick you do not get the note or get gold, Founy/Tani will most likely not have the item and there's no need to continue picking and risking aggro.

There is no Pick Pocket skill level required to steal the notes from either Founy or Tani, or any other items in the game for that matter. The only restrictions are that you can not pick from mobs that aren't internally tagged as Humanoids (which isn't quite so straight forward - goos are humanoids, so are living but not undead frogloks), you can not steal Magic items, and you can not steal from enemies over level... 49 or 50. The skill level only affects your chance to avoid aggro and successfully steal items or coin. I picked these notes at level 29 while I was first leveling up, but it can theoretically be done at level 7 when you first train the skill.

[ ] Go - Pickpocket the Stained Parchment Top from Founy Jestands in North Kaladim.

note: Founy despawns at 7am game time and respawns again at 10am game time, for a full spawn cycle of 72 minutes. He will not always spawn with the parchment, it's rather rare, so you may be waiting many hours or even days. Alternatively, if you are level 60 or have a level 60 rogue friend and don't care about Kaladim or Rivervale rogue faction, Founy can be Assassinated (his regen is too high to make normal killing worthwhile) which will cause him to respawn in 8 minutes; better than waiting over an hour for his scripted respawn.

[ ] Go - Pickpocket the Stained Parchment Bottom from Tani N`mar in Neriak Third Gate.

note: Tani despawns at 7pm game time and respawns again at 8pm game time, much like Founy's am cycle. Assassinating him to force a respawn is not doable like with Founy, as he is behind a few doors, down a few flights of stairs, and surrounded by many other GM level NPCs. The piece can be picked while standing on the roof of the building, but that's dumb and I'll leave you to figure out the rest. Tani does not spawn with any money, only the parchment and an occasional research item, so don't be disheartened or think he's been cleaned out by someone else if you show up, pick, and don't get any plat or gold.

[ ] Go - Pick up the Book of Souls from the Maestro of Rancor's bedside table in the Plane of Hate.

note: Plane of Hate is very fucked up on P99. Walls are merely a suggestion in Innoruuk's demesne, and his followers don't like being told what to do. When porting up you will usually aggro a cluster of spite golems, clerics, and/or ghouls. If you don't aggro them immediately, just wait ten seconds and the mob(s) that path along the eastern wall will be along shortly, with some friends. Do not do not do not try and make this run solo. You'll die and your porter will die and you'll both feel real bad. You'll need a solid group that can survive the break in aggro and make sure to hope extra hard that your healer/cc isn't the one to load in first and get pasted by initial aggro ask me how i know this

The Book of Souls is on the second level of the Maestro's house, up the U-shaped ramp inside his building, NOT on the second floor of Plane of Hate. If you go up the big ramp to the second floor of Hate you will trigger an imp trap, your hide will break, and you will die. Same will happen if you stumble into the SW corner of the first floor: imp trap, many new friends, dirt nap. Be on the look out for wandering Liches and Banshees who will see through Hide and often run at sow speed thanks to the spite golem buffers. The book is on a 10ish hour respawn. While there are no fully safe places in the zone to camp and wait out the respawn, you should absolutely NOT camp out next to the book's spawn point because you will aggro second floor mobs as you zone in and they will murder you with invisible teleporting fists. You may think you can click the book and WC cap out before you die. If I had a nickel for every time I told someone not to do this and they sent me a tell the next day asking for help with a corpse recovery...

[ ] Go - Spawn Stanos Herkanor in Highpass hold by saying "I need to see Stanos" to Anson McBale. Give the Stained Parchment Top and the Stained Parchment Bottom to Stanos Herkanor in Highpass Hold. Stanos will then give you the Combined Parchment.

note: If you are not a rogue (tried on a 60 assling druid) Anson will respond with "Go away! We don't have time for the likes of you." and Stanos will not spawn. It wasn't a problem with faction, so you may need to be both level 51+ and a rogue to spawn Stanos. I did not try handing in the two parchments on my druid. If you try to hand these in on a rogue under level 51 Stanos will eat them and you'll have to deep dive Kaladim and Neriak again. (I was able to spawn Stanos by saying "I need to see Stanos" on a 50 rogue, and he gave me the combined parchment - as of 11/20/17) (correction 04/10/18 : you can have a 50+ rogue spawn Stanos then do the hand in with your 46 rogue)

[ ] Go - Give the Combined Parchment, two bottles of milk (unstacked), and 100pp to Eldreth in Lake Rathetear. Eldreth will give you the Scribbled Parchment

note: If you forgot or negligently drank the milk you can buy some more at the (indifferent to all) ogre merchants near the zone line to Rathe Mountains; marker 6 on the Lake Rathetear map. Eldreth will despawn after the turn in. His respawn time is totes confirmed at 8 hours.

note: DO NOT GIVE YENDAR THE BOOK OF SOULS ON THIS FIRST TURN IN. Again, I'd have a shitload of nickels.

[ ] Go - Give the Scribbled Parchment to Yendar Starpyre in Steamfont Mountains. Yendar will give you the Tattered Parchment.

note: Yendar's path is a shortish loop that goes north from the druid ring, past the kobold tents, east around that little stub of mountain, southeast down the road towards Watchman Halv, then down the road east a short ways before turning around and following his his path back towards the druid ring.

note: Confirm that you have indeed given Yendar the Scribbled Parchment and have received the Tattered Parchment in return. Once you are sure, proceed.

[ ] Go - Give Tattered Parchment and the Book of Souls to Yendar Starpyre in Steamfont Mountains. Yendar will despawn and Renux Herkanor will spawn. Kill Renux and loot the Translated Parchment and the Jagged Diamond Dagger from her corpse.

note: Renux can be easily killed with just a druid/ranger and rogue. Spam ensnare/flame lick to build aggro and kite her while the rogue stabs. Renux's stun proc is nasty and her resist rate can be higher than average, so keep your distance and expect a few snare resists. Yendar's respawn is 2-6 hours? Dunno.

[ ] Go - Give Translated Parchment to Stanos Herkanor in Highpass Hold. Stanos will give you the Sealed Box.

note: You might be tempted to taunt Stanos by telling him you killed his daughter. This will ruin your faction. Don't do it.

[ ] Go - Give Sealed Box to any of the dark elves in the house at (+800, +2400) in Kithicor Forest. This will cause General V`ghera to spawn. Kill him and loot General's Pouch and, IF HE DROPS IT, the Cazic Quill off his corpse. If he does not drop the Cazic Quill, you will need to do the Cazic Quill sub-quest (detailed below).

note: To ensure a safe and successful turn in, clear all the dark elves but one, make sure you are Sneaking and NOT HIDDEN, confirm the dark elf cons Indifferent, then hand in the Sealed Box and immediately Hide to avoid the risk of General aggroing you. Only Hide AFTER you click Give and the box has been turned in. Nickels.

[ ] Go - Give the General's Pouch, the Cazic Quill, and the Jagged Diamond Dagger to Stanos Herkanor in Highpass Hold. Stanos will give you Ragebringer.

If General V`ghera does not drop the Cazic Quill when killed, then you must instead do the Cazic Quill sub-quest, which involves the following:

[ ] Go - Kill the Oracle of K`Arnon in Ocean of Tears and loot the Robe of the Oracle off his body. Alternatively, you may buy the Robe of the Oracle from another player, as it is droppable.
[ ] Go - Kill The ghoul arch magus in Lower Guk and loot the Shining Metallic Robes off his body. Alternatively, you may buy the SMR from another player, as it is droppable.
[ ] Go - Kill The Ishva Mal in Splitpaw Lair and loot the Robe of the Ishva off his body. Alternatively, you may buy the Robe of the Ishva from another player, as it is droppable.
[ ] Go - Kill Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep and loot the Robe of the Kedge off his body. Alternatively, you may kill the dark elves in the house in Kithicor Forest, as some of them will occasionally drop the Robe of the Kedge. This Robe IS NODROP, but you can have someone else multiquest this robe.
[ ] Go - Give the four robes (Oracle, SMR, Ishva, Kedge) to Vilnius the Small in the Western Plains of Karana. He will give you the Cazic Quill.

note: Vilnius the Small is located at 167, -6696 in near the bandit camp on the hill just east of the Qeynos Hills zone line. His placeholder is a brigand. There's no need to kill the brigand, as it will despawn at like 7:58pm game time and Vilnius will spawn immediately after. If you hail Vilnius he'll say something about a rump bouncing. If you reply with that phrase he will attack. Don't do this.

Additional info about the skippable parts and why this epic is so easy.

Again, taken from Rohane's excellent guide

Anyone familiar with any of the other epic weapon quests will probably be surprised that the Ragebringer quest is so simple. You have to kill all of 1 difficult mob (the General), and a handful of single-group mobs (Renux, the Coercer, the Ishva Mal, the Oracle of K'Arnon, the Ghoul Arch Magus), pickpocket two items, and run around a lot.

Originally, the Ragebringer quest was far more involved. You had to do the following (assuming you didn't know any spoilers about the quest):

Lendel and Gaffin Deeppockets, the Halfling rogue guildmaster and his brother, will occasionally have a conversation where they mention Stanos. The idea was that you'd overhear the conversation, and ask Lendel about Stanos. He'd tell you about Stanos, and then suggest you go find him in the Karanas. I think the idea there is to ask people in the Karanas about Stanos, and eventually find Vilnius.

Vilnius gives you a task to find Malka Rale in the Qeynos Aqueduct System. Go to the Qeynos Aqueducts and talk to Malka. She gives you Stanos' Pouch. You give Stanos' Pouch to Vilnius. He tells you that he needs you to do something for him: collect four swords - Painbringer (rare drop from Kobold Champion in Sol B), Fleshripper (rare drop from Kobold King in Sol B), a Mithril Two-Handed Sword (rare drop from the froglok king in Lower Guk), and a Gigantic Zweihander (Karg Icebear in Everfrost). Turn in the swords to Vilnius, and he gives you the Jagged Diamond Dagger as payment.

Vilnius then asks another task of you: collect four robes (the four mentioned above). For these, he gives you the Cazic Quill, another dagger.

He then asks one last task: collect four rapiers - a Martune Rapier (rare drop from Scorn Banshees in the Plane of Hate), an Eyerazzia (uncommon drop from Scarelings in the Plane of Fear), a Well-Balanced Rapier (purchasable from the Shady Swashbuckler in East Commonlands), and the Burning Rapier, which itself involves a long quest that will take at least 6-7 hours to do. For the rapiers, he gives you back Stanos' Pouch, and tells you to take it to Anson McBale in Highpass.

Give the pouch to Anson, and Stanos shows up. Talk to Stanos and he gives you the quest to recover the stained parchment pieces from Founy and Tani.

Get the parchment pieces, give them to Stanos, and go through the translation rigmarole above, kill Renux, get the Sealed Box, and kill the General for his Pouch. At this point, you'd have the Jagged Diamond Dagger, the Cazic Quill, and the General's Pouch, and trade them in to Stanos for Ragebringer.

The quest was gimped in the following ways:

You don't need to interact with the Deeppockets at all.

Renux, a mob you are REQUIRED to kill to complete the quest, ALWAYS drops the Jagged Diamond Dagger. As a result, you do not need to collect the four swords for Vilnius.

Stanos can be spawned by saying to Anson, "I need to see Stanos", which means that not only do you not have to collect the four rapiers, you don't even need to see Malka Rale. Hell, you don't need Stanos' Pouch AT ALL.

General V`ghera, up until spring of 2001, used to *ALWAYS* drop a Cazic Quill, which meant that you didn't have to collect the robes, either! Now, he only drops it rarely (about 1 in 10 is the commonly-tossed around figure), so if you're lucky you won't need to collect the robes, but most people do.

Even if you do need to get the robes, the ones you need are all tradeable (which means you can just BUY them, instead of having to bother camping for them) except for the Kedge robe, but that hardly matters, because you can multiquest the Kedge Robe.

The Robe of the Kedge was originally only available from Phinigel, but they made that robe (AND the Ishva Robe) drop from the Coercer in Kithicor, so you don't even need to bother with Splitpaw or Kedge Keep.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but Ragebringer is by far the most common epic weapon because the quest was gimped so heavily. Verant will never change it back to full-strength, however, because so many rogues who haven't completed the quest would bitch insanely about the facts that 1) it's been this way for over two years, and 2) it's unfair that a whole bunch of people got to do the easy version just because they were able to do it first.

Short Walkthrough

The Jagged Diamond Dagger

The quest starts out in the Qeynos Aqueducts. You must find Malka Rale at +380, -210 (In the 'Smuggler' area of the sewer). If she is not there, her placeholder is 'a courier'. This courier does not need to be killed. It will despawn at 8 pm and then Malka will spawn at 10pm, game time. Talk to her and say "I can help". She will get you Stanos' Pack. LEVEL 50 required!

Now travel to North Kaladim and find Founy Jestands at about +520, +307. He is a Rogue guildmaster at the bank (or close to). If he is not there wait until 10 am for him to respawn. Then pickpocket from him stained parchment top. He does not always have the piece so just wait another full day for him to despawn and then respawn again. If you are caught and he attacks you just run to the zone.

Now you need to get the bottom of the stained parchment. This is pickpocketed from Tani N'Mar in Neriak 3rd Gate at +650, -1300. Like Founy, he does not always have the piece. He depops at 7pm and respawns at 7pm, a min or so after despawning.

Now go to Highpass Hold. Go to the secret smugglers cave. To get there, jump into the water close to the inn with the deck. swim to +10, +325 and walk up the narrow passage. Find Stanos in the camp. If he is not there then you must make him spawn. You can do this two ways.

Give Anson McBale Stanos' Pack. Stand behind Anson so that you will not be standing on Stanos' spawn point. This is the easiest way to do it.

If you have high faction with Anson then you can tell him "I need to see Stanos." If you are able to do this then you do not need to find Malka Rale in the Qeynos Aqueducts.

If Anson isn't in the camp, then you must kill his placeholder which is a smuggler. Get a group of level 50+ and kill all the smugglers. They are fairly high and backstab very hard. This should cause Anson to spawn. Once Stanos has spawned, give him the two pieces of parchment and he will give you the combined parchment.

Travel to Lake Rathe and locate Eldreth at +2600, -550. He is a random spawn. He may be there, it may take a couple hours, or it may take a couple real life days. Once you have found him. Turn in the Combined Parchment, 100 platinum, and 2 un-stacked bottles of milk. He will reward you with a scribbled note. You must have atleast indifferent faction when turning in the items. If your faction is lower than that then use the sneak technique when turning in the items.

This next part is very tedious and somewhat difficult. You have to go to Plane of Hate and find the Book of Souls. This books spawn time is 10 hours and is located -60, +320. This is on the night stand on the top floor of Maestro of Rancor's house. There are wandering mobs. You will want to do this with a bunch of friends because there are wandering mobs. If the book spawns and no one picks it up, wandering creatures will. To get people to come along and wait with you for 10 hours, try having a Maestro of Rancor raid or a Hate Raid. This way there will be people around you for a long time and you won't get killed by wandering NPCs.

Next, go to Steamfont Mountains and find Yendar Starpyre. He runs across the zone and is easily spotted because he is wearing an SMR. To stop him from running say "book". Give him the Scribbled Parchment and he will despawn. Wait for him to respawn again and then give him the Tattered Parchment and the Book of Souls.

He will despawn and in his place will be Renux, a level 50 human rogue. She quad hits for 200 and can backstab for 200+. She casts clockwork poison which is a spinning stun spell. She does not attack pets. She can be feared and snared. Do not melee her if she is not feared. The best way to kill her is pet kiting. Have one melee class attack her as soon as she spawns. Make sure he and everyone else have SoW and the cleric/shaman needed buffs such as hitpoints and AC. Run around in circles. Have all pets attack her. Make sure they are equipped with weapons. The best kind are magician summoned. While the pets are attacking and the melee is kiting, have people casting fear on her. If she gets feared send all melee in on her and have all casters nuke. When fear breaks, all meleers except for the kiter must back away. She will die very quickly this way with not very many casualties. If the melee person dies, do not panic. Just have more melee people ready to kite her. To do this, you must have 3 or preferably more, necromancers that are 53+, 3 or preferably more, druids that are 57+, and lots and lots of pet casters.

Loot from her the Jagged Diamond Dagger and Translated Parchment.

Go back to Highpass Hold and find Stanos. If he is not there use the method above. Give Stanos the Translated Parchment for a sealed box.

Go to Kithicor, which is one zone off of Highpass. Find the Dark Elf House at +800, +2400. Ensure that you are not hiding or invisible, but that you are sneaking, and give the box to any of the night spawns causing General V'Ghera to spawn. Take him to a safe spot in the zone, preferably a zone and kill him. He is a very hard level 60 being. He is equal or better than any god. He quad attacks for 275 quite quickly, has a 1500pt harm touch and casts soul devour. He can also summon mobs from the zone to assist him. He is weak to Wizard Lure Line, Poison Spells, Scent Line, and Fire Based Spells. He is extremely strong against magic based spells so do not use it, it will just waste mana.

Cazic Quill Sub Quest

This quest is a sub-quest of the Ragebringer Quest for Rogues. Note that you might get the Cazic Quill off of General V'Ghera in the final battle but it is a very rare drop. If he did drop it, disregard this quest. If you do not get it follow the quest below.

Find Vilnius the Small. He can be located in Western Karanas in the bandit camp (+340, -6700). Making him spawn will take some work. First, be sure all bandits are in the camp. You must kill and continue to kill the bandit which runs from the camp to the top of the hill until the "brigand" spawns. The "brigand" is an ultra-rare spawn. Leave the "brigand" alone, and at 11 p.m. game time Vilinus the Small will spawn in his place. Don't bother trying to make him spawn until you have the four robes he requires. Once you bring them back to him, he will reward you with Cazic's Quill.

  • The first robe is Robe of the Kedge. This is dropped off of the Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep. The Robe of the Kedge is a very rare drop. You might have to do more than one raid to get it. A few of the Dark Elves in Kithichor can drop this. The usual price of a multiquest of this robe is 4k.
  • The second robe is Robe of the Ishva. This is dropped from the Ishva Mal in Splitpaw. He is a 36 hour spawn. Note that the Robe of the Ishva is not no drop and can be purchased for approximately 300-500pp. A few of the Dark Elves in Kithichor can drop this.
  • The third robe is Shining Metallic Robes. These robes are dropped off of the Ghoul Archmagus. He spawns in the Magi Room. The magus is a 30 minutes spawn and has a placeholder which is usually a Kor Ghoul Wizard or a Dar Ghoul Knight. The rare drop is a Shiny Metallic Robe. Note that the Shiny Metallic Robe is not no drop and can be purchased for approximately 1.7-2k.
  • The fourth and final robe is the Robe of the Oracle. This is easily bought for 150-200 platinum from players but can also be found off of the Oracle who is directily straight forward from the docks on the Sister Isle in Ocean of Tears. He is a level 40 wizard, who has hardly any hitpoints. He also has a level 40 paladin guardian. Have a wizard or druid friend come along with you. Root the guardian out of healing range of the oracle and then kill the Oracle. Loot the Robe of the Oracle and then have the wizard teleport you guys out of there. This way you don't have to mess with the guardian.

Obtaining Ragebringer

Go back to Stanos in Highpass Hold and turn in the Jagged Diamond Dagger, Cazic's Quill, and the General's Pouch for the Ragebringer.

Congratulations on your
Item 1183.png

Skill: Piercing Atk Delay: 25
DMG: 15
STR: +20 DEX: +10 STA: +10 AGI: +10 HP: +100
Effect: Seething Fury (Worn)
WT: 2.5 Size: SMALL
Class: ROG


Long Walkthrough with Dialogue

Find Malka Rale in Qeynos Catacombs. Location +380, -210, -80.[1]

You say, 'Hail, Malka Rale'

Malka Rale says 'Whew! I thought you were one of Hanns' goons. These sewers are a mess, you never know what is going to turn up next. I really wish I could get out of here.'

You say, 'Who is Hanns?'

Malka Rale says 'Hanns runs the Circle of Unseen Hands. They had an item someone hired me to.. reacquire. I managed to get the item, stealing it right from the heart of the guild hall. The problem is, I had to carve a

way out, and left a few extra holes in several of Hanns' people. I have been trapped down here in these stinking catacombs and sewers for too long now, and I do not think I can get out of here without some help.'

You say, 'I can help'

Malka Rale says 'Ok! I am trusting you. Take this pouch to Vilnius the Small in West Karana. Last word I had from him, he was hanging out near one of the bandit camps. Be careful, since he does not know you. Just give him the pouch, and tell him I was.. delayed. While you are doing that, I will be thinking of a way to get out of this slimehole. With any luck, the Circle will learn the pouch is out of Qeynos, and will assume I got away. That means they won't be looking for me here.'

NOTE: If you wish, you can skip the three side quests with Vilnius the Small below and hand the pouch in directly to Anson (see below). The two blades you receive from Vilnius can also drop from the later mobs you have to kill if you are lucky. Renux always drops the Jagged Diamond Dagger; General V'Ghara will sometimes drop the Cazic Quill.

Find Vilnius the Small in West Karana. His loc is +180, -6715. His placeholder is "a brigand", but DON'T kill him. Leave the brigand alone, and Vilnius will spawn in his place at about 11:00pm game time.

You say, 'Hail, Vilnius the Small'

Vilnius the Small says ' _____, just because I am short don't mean I can't bounce your Vah Shir rump all over these hills. Now, do you have something for me, or are you just in search of a rump bouncing?'

Do NOT say "I am in search of a rump bouncing" to him. He will attack, and you will likely have to kill him. Although there are no faction hits, you will have to wait at least a full game day (72 minutes) for him to respawn.

You say, 'What about Malka?'

Vilnius the Small says 'Malka Rale works for me from time to time. One of the best thieves I have ever met, and damn handy with a blade. She is long overdue to meet me here. I'm afraid she may have run into trouble in Qeynos.'

You say, 'Malka will be delayed'

Vilnius the Small says 'Yes, delayed. She has always been prompt in the past, but she is several days overdue, and I know for a fact she completed the job. I am beginning to wonder if something happened to her. I would go check, but I run the risk of missing her if she shows up here.'

Hand him Stanos' Pouch.

Vilnius the Small says 'Ah, very nice. Very nice indeed. Good work, and I hope Malka is able to make it out, good help is hard to find. But in the meantime, I am without an acquisition expert. Do you want the job?'

You gain experience!!

You say, 'I want the job'

Vilnius the Small says 'I need a few more items for a collector. They are rare and valuable, but I will pay you well for your trouble. I need the sword owned by the king of the Frogloks, the sword my distant cousin Karg is so proud of, and the matched set of Painbringer and Fleshripper, held by the kobolds. Return those to me quickly, and we will take it from there, eh?'

The swords he needs are:

Retrieve the swords and hand them to him.

Vilnius the Small says 'Very good, though how you managed to lug around all these oversized blades amazes me. I feel we can do business now, and Malta still has not shown up. Take this dagger. I had an old client who didn't, um.. pay.. so this was extracted from him. Right after it was inserted in him. For your next job, I need a collection of robes. The Robe of the Ishva, some Shining Metallic robes, an Oracle robe, and a Robe of the Kedge. I am not even sure where all these come from, but they are on my list here, and Rokyl is one of my best clients, so I figure that is your job.'

You gain experience!!

  • You receive 100 gold from Vilnius the Small.
  • You receive 20 platinum from Vilnius the Small.

You receive Jagged Diamond Dagger.

The four robes you need are:

  • Robe of the Kedge (from "Phinigel Autropos" in Kedge Keep or "Coercer Q`ioul" in Kithicor Forest)
  • Robe of the Ishva (from "The Ishva Mal", a wandering gnoll in South Karana, or "Coercer Q`ioul" and "Advisor C`zatl" in Kithicor Forest)
  • Shining Metallic Robes (from the "Ghoul Arch Magus" in Lower Guk - dead side)
  • Robe of the Oracle (from the Oracle of K`Arnon in the Ocean of Tears)

Hand him the four robes:

Vilnius the Small says 'You do good work, _____. Here is another trinket for your trouble, you should be able to make use of it. Malta still hasn't made it back yet, and I have one more order to fill, if you're willing. This one should be easy. My sword collector has decided he wants rapiers now, of all things. He has asked for an Eyerazzia, a Martune Rapier, a Burning Rapier, and a well balanced rapier.'

You gain experience!!

  • You receive 200 gold from Vilnius the Small.
  • You receive 15 platinum from Vilnius the Small.

You receive Cazic Quill.

Note that he mispronounces the rogue's name -- he says Malta, but her name is Malka. This time, you need:

  • Burning Rapier (obtained from a fairly lenthy and irritating quest)
  • Martune Rapier (from the "Mistress of Scorn" in the Plane of Hate)
  • Eyerazzia (from "a scareling" in the Plane of Fear)
  • Well-Balanced Rapier (purchased from various merchants, including the "Shady Swashbuckler" in East Commonlands tunnel, for 221pp)

Hand him the four rapiers he asked for.

Vilnius the Small says 'You never cease to amaze me! I never thought you Vah Shir types could be so good at this sort of work. I have been stuck here and haven't any more trinkets to give you, but perhaps you could take this pouch to its new owner, since I do not have the time to deliver it myself. He will pay you in full, and you can just keep what he gives you, how does that sound? The owner is a man named Stanos Herkanor, and he or his friend Anson are supposed to meet me in Highpass this evening. Do not waste too much time getting there, he is a secretive man, and I can not guarantee he will be around long. Good luck, and maybe we will meet again. It is always a pleasure working with another professional such as


You gain experience!!

  • You receive 300 gold from Vilnius the Small.
  • You receive 10 platinum from Vilnius the Small.

You get back Stanos' Pouch.

Give the pouch to Anson McBale in Highpass Hold.

Anson McBale says 'Ah, we have been expecting this. Let me get Stanos, he will want to inspect it first, but here are your coins.'

You gain experience!!

  • You receive 100 gold from Anson McBale.
  • You receive 25 platinum from Anson McBale.

You say, 'Hail, Stanos Herkanor'

Stanos Herkanor says 'Ah, the pouch. This is the first step, Anson. The Circle has to be upset having this taken right out from under them. That speaks well of the person who did the taking. [Hanns] must be even more furious now (chuckle).'
Anson McBale says 'Vilnius has always had a good eye for talent. I think we can trust this one. But will he trust us? You have to wonder if he even knows [who we are]. . .'
Stanos Herkanor says 'I tend to agree Anson. We could make a [deal]. I have a blade I won't use anymore, and you have those fine looking daggers Vilnius gave you. Of course, you would have to do something for me first. Let me tell you my [story], then you decide.'

You say, 'Who are you?'

Stanos Herkanor says '(chuckle) You are young, aren't you? I ran [the Circle] out of Qeynos for well over 30 years, and did a right fine job of it. It's a long story, and isn't over yet. I have much to answer for.'

You say, 'What is the Circle?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'The Circle of Unseen Hands, you oaf! The largest collection of thieves, murderers, con artists, and rogues in the world. No finer men can be found anywhere.'

You say, 'What deal?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'Aye, _____, we could make a deal. I have a blade I won't use anymore, and you have those fine looking daggers Vilnius gave you. Of course, you would have to do something for me first. Let me tell you my [story], then you decide.'

You say, 'What story?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'Johann Krieghor was the leader of the Circle and I was his second-in-command. He made a dark bargain with a Teir'dal [General]. The Circle was to assassinate [Joren], the high elf ambassador to Qeynos. Had the plot worked, it would have weakened the alliance between high elves and humans, and possibly caused a war between the two powers. In either case, the Teir'Dal would have profited greatly by this event, and all others would have suffered. I could not stand by and let this happen, but Johann would not be deterred, for the Teir'Dal had promised him much. I had no choice but to kill Johann and the Teir'Dal agent. I made it look like they offed each other, and then I hid the [tools].'

You say, 'Who is Joren?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'Joren was the boon companion to the King of Felwithe, a mighty paladin of great reknown, much loved by all the high elves. To slay him, certain. . .items. . .were crafted to make the job possible. With the death of the Teir'dal agent, and my theft of the [tools], the General was forced to abandon the plot.'

You say, 'What General?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'The General? I know not his true name, only that he is ranked high among the dark elves. He kept his identity secret, and it was only upon the death of his agent that I even learned the smallest amount about him, that of his Generalship. Knowing who he is would aid me greatly.'

You say, 'What about Hanns?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'Hanns Krieghor was a talented young man, in many ways much more of a man than his father. After the death of [Johann], I raised Hanns as my own son, and grew to love him as such. A few years back, to take revenge upon me for his [father's murder], Hanns seized control of the Circle. At the same time, he sent four of his best killers to finish me. The killers failed, I still live. Hanns still leads the Circle in Qeynos, and still seeks [my head].'

You say, 'What father's murder?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'Well, it's no great secret now that I was responsible for the death of Johann Krieghor, Hanns Krieghor's father. Johann used to lead the Circle. Hanns was but a pup when his father died at my hand, and became as a son to me. Hanns did not discover that I was the one who killed his father until many years later. For that, he wants [my head].'

You say, 'Your head?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'Aye, _____, Hanns has wanted me dead for years. He's tried many times, though not personally. He's smart, that one, for not facing me, but foolish for wasting so many good men for naught.'

You say, 'What tools?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'To allow the assassin to slay a prince, and fight his way back out, a fell blade was crafted. It was small enough to conceal under a garment and yet large enough to strike a mortal blow through armor. Aided by vile Teir'Dal enchantments, it is much more fearsome than it appears. I would glady rid myself of it, but I fear I can not until I [clear my name] with Hanns.'

You say, 'Clear your name?'

Stanos Herkanor says 'I need proof that what I say about Johann is truth, so that Hanns may forgive me. YOU can gather that proof for me. First, travel to Kaladim and Neriak, and there, upon the persons of the rogue guildmasters, you should find that which I seek, two parts of a document I recovered from the dead agent. I entrusted one to Founy, but that trust is gone, and Founy would betray me to Hanns were I to attempt to reclaim it. Tani N'mar has the other, which he should not possess, and keeps it only to spite me, not knowing its real import. Steal them both, and bring them back to me. And don't let anyone follow you! If I am not around, tell Anson you want to see me.'

Side note: Hanns and Renux (Stanos' daughter) are both rogue guildmasters in North Qeynos. You can ask them about Stanos, along with some of the other rogues.

You say, 'Hail, Hanns Krieghor'

Hanns Krieghor says 'My name is Hanns.. Do as I say, and we shall get along just fine.'

You say, 'What about Stanos?'

Hanns Krieghor says 'Stanos Herkanor? (he roars in frustration) That bastard should be long dead by now. If you see him, you hightail it back and let me know at once. Do I make myself clear, _____? Do not speak to him, do not attack him, just return here and inform me. And that is ALL you need to know about Stanos.'

You say, 'Hail, Renux Herkanor'

Renux Herkanor says 'You need something, or are you just browsing?'

You say, 'What about Stanos?'

Renux Herkanor says 'What? (she looks shaken) I see it is time to make my choices. Forget you mentioned that name, _____. Leave me.'

You say, 'Hail, Nax Ghruna'

You say, 'What about Stanos?'

Nax Ghruna says 'Come over here, bub. Listen to me, and don't say a word. That name is one that can get you killed. Hanns wants Stanos dead, Renux wants to please Hanns, and everyone else wants to keep their spinal column intact, you know? So, _Yourname_, now you can speak. Where did you hear that name, or did you actually see Stanos somewhere?'

You say, 'What about Renux?'

Zannsin Resdinet says 'She is second in command around here. She and [Hanns] go way back, from what I hear.. Renux is probably the only person Hanns trusts.'

You say, 'What about Hanns?'

Zannsin Resdinet says 'Hanns, he runs things around here. Years ago, Hanns took over Ghil's old ring and started up the Circle of Unseen Hands. The Circle quickly took any market opposition out of Qeynos. We currently have connections in Erudin, Highpass and even Freeport.'

If you hang around the Rogue guild for a while, you will also overhear the following exchange.

Renux Herkanor says 'Hanns, you are not going to want to hear this, but one of our boys in Donovon's gang swears he saw Stanos in the Karanas a week ago. And we still haven't cornered Malka Rale.'
Hanns Krieghor says 'Finally, the rat comes out of his hole! Send some men, no no, go yourself, and track him down. Then kill him. I don't care who sees you, or who gets in your way. Finish the job. And bring me whatever you find on his carcass. I'm sure he took some valuables from us when he escaped. And don't worry about Malka, she will keep until you finish Stanos, then she is yours. Shame to waste such talent, but you don't steal from the Circle and live.'
Renux Herkanor says 'Very well, Father is as good as dead. Did I ever mention that I really hate family reunions? (chuckle). I am gone!'

Find Tani N`Mar in the Hall of the Ebon Mask (rogue's guild) in Neriak Third Gate.

You say, 'Hail, Tani N`Mar'

Tani N`Mar says 'Greetings! You must be a stranger or [new to the Hall]. If you are a stranger, be warned that these halls are intended for the Ebon Mask only. If you are found to be a member of another house, you just may feel the sting of a blade in your back.'

You say, 'Do you know Stanos?'

Tani N`Mar says 'Stanos? Hahahaha! That old fool crossed my path a few times in the past, but he is not able to trouble me now. If you see him, tell him Tani sends Hahahaha!'

You say, 'I need the note'

Tani N`Mar says 'Oh, you want that piece of paper Stanos was so hot after?' He taps his belt pouch. 'Well, it's mine now, though it looks like ogre scratch to me. You're not getting it, Stanos is not getting it, and Hanns is not getting it. It is MINE! Now, _Yourname_, scamper off like the dog you are, before I decide I need more practice with these short swords!

Pickpocket a Stained Parchment Bottom from Tani. There is no minimum skill required, although higher skill might speed up the process and reduce the number of times you get caught, in which case Tani attacks. If that happens, you can run to the zone out. No other NPC's will assist Tani.

Find Founy Jestands outside the bank in North Kaladim.

You say, 'Hail, Founy Jestands'

You say, 'What do you know of Stanos?'

Founy Jestands says 'Um, er.. (looks around nervously) Have you actually seen Stanos? How.. is he? Um, I have things I should be doing. I've got to figure out how this pottery wheel got stuck on my foot, for one thing. Er, I really don't have anything to tell you about Stanos, really, I swear it.'

You say, 'Do you have a note?'

Founy Jestands says 'I don't know what you're talking about, if you know what I mean.' Founy fingers his belt pouch. 'You should leave now, if you know what's good for you. Don't make me sic the crew on you.'

Pickpocket a Stained Parchment Top from Founy. Again, no minimum skill, and again, if you get caught, run to the nearby zone out.

You say, 'Hail, Anson McBale'

Anson McBale says 'Beat it, _____, unless you have something for me.'

You say, 'I need to see Stanos'

Anson McBale says 'This better be important.'

Stanos spawns. Hand him the two pieces of parchment you pickpocketed.

Stanos Herkanor says 'Excellent! With this document I can..' (He pauses for a moment). 'Damnation! Curse my tired old mind, I forgot that I could not read the document. It is written in some obscure code or language. I can't decipher it, but I know someone who can. Seek out one called Eldreth, an Erudite who used to do work for me. I know not where he may be found these days, only that he will not be found in Erudin, as they want his head for some misdeed in the past. Give him the complete parchment, and tell him I sent you. He owes me.'

You gain experience!!

Find Eldreth in Lake Rathetear. (To save time, bring 100pp and two bottles of milk with you. The milk can also be purchased from the ogre vendors in the zone.) He spawns in the same tower as Cyanelle, at the bookcase next to her. He is a moderately rare spawn, and he despawns after you complete a hand-in. He can take up to eight hours (real time) to respawn afterwards. If he's not there, all you can do is wait or return another time.

You say, 'Hail, Cyanelle'

Cyanelle says 'Hello, _____.'

You say, 'Where is Eldreth?' Does not work on P99

Cyanelle says 'Eldreth is not here right now. *chuckle* He went to find work, but if you know Eldreth, you would know that 'Eldreth working' is an oxymoron! Sometimes I wonder why I still share this tower with him. I suppose I get lonely on this lake, and Jebeker here never has much to say. But I digress. Eldreth will be back sooner rather than later, I would think. You are welcome to stay here and keep me company until he returns, or you can check back later. He is seldom gone more than a few days.'

Eventually, Eldreth appears.

Eldreth glowers at you dubiously -- looks kind of dangerous.

You say, 'Hail, Eldreth'

Eldreth says 'Go away! I'm busy! I don't have time for scoundrels like you! Leave me alone or I shall, um..turn you into, er, a fish or something! That is what us powerful wizards do to those who annoy us! Yes, that is it. A fish! *leans towards you, looking abashed* Did that sound scary enough?'

You say, 'Stanos sent me'

Eldreth says 'Stanos? Stanos Herkanor? I thought he was long dead. He nearly got me killed, in any case. What does the old fool want of me now?'

You say, 'He wants you to translate a note'

Eldreth says 'Ah, codes are my specialty! It's what I did for the Circle before Hanns took over. But the Fox is wrong. I owe him nothing! As a fact, he owes me! He wants this translated - he will have to pay!'

You say, 'What will he have to pay?'

Eldreth says 'Aye, pay, and pay you must. I need 100 platinum pieces to begin my work. This tower is old and drafty and it will take that much to make it bearable. And while you're at it, I need something else. I am

very busy here and have no time to shop, so bring me back a couple bottles of milk along with your very large bag of platinum, and I will translate anything you wish at that time.'

Give him 100pp, two bottles of milk, and the note from Stanos. I didn't sneak or do anything fancy; he took the hand-in just fine at dubious faction.

Eldreth looks at you, obviously expecting more. Did you forget the milk?
Eldreth says 'Hmm, interesting. This document is not only encoded, but written in a very obscure language. From what I can gather, it's a variant of elder Teir'dal, but not one I've encountered. I can not fully translate this, but I know one who can. Find Yendar and give him this'

You gain experience!!

Receive: Scribbled Parchment.

Find Yendar Starpyre in Steamfont Mountains. Yendar wanders the zone.

You say, 'Hail, Yendar Starpyre'

Yendar Starpyre says 'Hail, traveler! I sense you did not simply chance upon my isolation here, but are instead seeking me for something.'

You say, 'Eldreth sent me'

Yendar Starpyre says 'Eldreth, Eldreth, hmm, was that a rather shabby Erudite? I have dealt with him in the past, I am sure. What does he want of me?'

You say, 'He needs you to translate a note'

Yendar Starpyre says 'Oh, if it is written in Elder Teir'Dal, most likely I can translate it. I will be happy to try, in any case. Let me see it, please.'
Yendar Starpyre says 'I say, this is indeed a challenge. This is written in what I'm sure is the language of the High Priesthood of Innoruuk. I've often wished I could read this, but I have never had the key to unlock the language. Take this for now.'

You gain experience!!

Receive Tattered Parchment.

You say, 'What is the key?'

Yendar Starpyre says 'In the Plane of Hate, where dwell Innoruuk and his minions, there is a tome. This tome is called the Book of Souls.'

You say, 'What book of souls?'

Yendar Starpyre says 'The Book of Souls chronicles all the lives Innoruuk has tainted over the years. It is in the care of the Maestro of Rancor. I can use this tome as a basis for my translation, if you return it and the note to me. An experienced practitioner in the art of non-detection should be able to snatch it from its resting place, don't you think, _____? (grin)'

Obtain the Book of Souls; it is a ground spawn in the Plane of Hate. The loc is approximately +178, -320, on the top of a dresser. It looks like an open faced book. The undead in the Plane of Hate will see through sneak/hide and normal invis, but other than that, you should be able to reach the book without too much trouble.

Return to Yendar and hand both him the Book of Souls and the Tattered Parchment he gave you.

Yendar Starpyre says 'My, this is quite a large list! Yes, I can use the names and dates recorded here to help me understand the script. It should be a simple matter now. A moment, please. Aha, yes, there we go. Traslated as best I can! I do hope you're not involved in what is described here, as it is quite fiendish. Oi! You, woman! Give that back! _____, that woman there took your letter! I think I should leave you to discuss it with her. Best of luck!'

You gain experience!!

Yendar despawns and Renux appears. Note that she is Stanos' daughter. She will not attack until provoked.

Renux Herkanor regards you indifferently -- looks kind of dangerous.

You say, 'Hail, Renux Herkanor'

Renux Herkanor says 'BOO! I'm sure you didn't expect to see me here, but you've left quite a trail. Why did you go to all the trouble to get this scrap of parchment? What can be so important about it that Father would

risk all for it? No matter, Hanns will figure it out. Now, will you tell me where to find Stanos?'

You say, 'Stanos is in Highpass Hold'

Renux Herkanor says 'Excellent. Stanos shall meet his end, and soon. You, however, will not live another day. Can't have you warning him, now can I?'

Renux attacks. Kill her. You will probably need some help with her.

You have slain Renux Herkanor!

Renux Herkanor's corpse says '(gasp) Tell Hanns I tried, and will love him always. Tell Father I will save a seat in Hell for him!'

Loot the Translated Parchment from her corpse (and the Jagged Diamond Dagger if you didn't do the side quest with Vilnius).

It reads:


 We are ready for you to move into the next phase of the plan.

 I have read your thoughts on the x'kanta Johann, and his chosen tool,
 Stanos. Johann is a willing pawn, and will serve us well, for greed is yet
 another facet of Innoruuk's power.

 Stanos should also work out well, he is quite formidable, though I
 understand he does not yet know he has been chosen to actually carry out the
 task. Watch him well when the time comes, but I agree with your judgement.

 Joren will be in Qeynos the entire month, so you have ample time to s'ktkar
 your task. Enclosed are the tools you will give to the Human x'kanta.

 The blade is a gift from Innoruuk himself, forged in his temple and imbued
 with rage. Be sure to recover it after the mission is complete, it is much
 too powerful to leave in the hands of those we intend to il'kaash in the
 future. Combined with Stanos' skill, Joren and his guards should fall

 The Guise has been handcrafted my our Master Coercer and should allow the
 wearer to pass undetected as Koada'dal, thus allowing the assassin to gain
 entry into the Ambassador's quarters. Luckily, it shall be a Human
 transforming himself into that zm'rina form.

 Be sure to eliminate all the human x'kanda you have recruited, and have no
 fear of the repercussions, for the Circle of Unseen Hands is no threat to us
 here in Neriak. I have spoken with your master Tani N'mar and he assures
 me that his group of x'kantar will aid us if need be.


Take the note back to Stanos and hand it to him.

Stanos Herkanor says 'Let me see what you have here. Aha, so that's who.. yes, yes! There is one more thing I need you to do. This document tells me who the originator of the plot really was. His name is General V'ghera, which is interesting, as Anson's men have spotted him in Kithicor recently. He will not be easy to get to, but if you give this box to one of his many aides, the General will HAVE to come to investigate. You see, this box used to contain the tools crafted for the assassination. When he arrives, kill him! I need any documents you find on him - with luck it will be enough evidence to convince Hanns that what I say is true. Bring any documents or dispatch cases you find, along with those blades Vilnius made you work so hard for, and we will make a trade.'

You gain experience!!

Receive a Sealed Box.

Head to Kithicor Forest. The dark elf contingent spawns in a burned-out cabin during the game's night. You can use sneak/hide to safely approach the cabin, though watch out for wandering undead that may see you. Be sure to remove hide while turning in so you do not lose your Sealed Box. Give the Sealed Box that Stanos gave you to any of the dark elves in the cabin. It does not have to be Coercer Q'ioul specifically, but be careful you don't hand it to a pet by mistake!

Adjutant D`kan says 'The general will want to look at this. Wait here.'

You gain party experience!!

General V`ghera appears. Have a group or raid nearby and kill him.

You have slain General V`ghera!

Your faction standing with Fallen of Bloody Kithicor got worse.

General V`ghera's corpse shouts 'You think you have won, do you? INNORUUK, MY LORD AND MASTER, I INVOKE YOUR WRATH UPON THIS WRETCHED FOREST! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!'

Loot a General's Pouch from his corpse. He will also occasionally drop a Cazic Quill, which you will need if you did not do the side quest with Vilnius.

Return to Stanos and hand him both the Jagged Diamond Dagger and the Cazic Quill plus the General's Pouch, all at once.

Stanos Herkanor says 'Very well done. I leave now to confront Hanns with this evidence. Even so, it will not be easy to regain his trust. That is why I need those daggers, in case all else fails. (chuckle) Bristlebane grant me luck - I can no longer live like a hunted dog. In any case, I am grateful for your aid. Take this wretched blade, I can bear it no longer. I must warn you, I feel it carries Innoruuk's curse; all who are near it learn the meaning of hate. (chuckle) Ironic, isn't it? You went to all that work to redeem yourself for a rapier, yet the true reward came when you redeemed another. (chuckle). Good luck, _____, for much as I, you will need it.'

You gain experience!!

Item 1183.png

Skill: Piercing Atk Delay: 25
DMG: 15
STR: +20 DEX: +10 STA: +10 AGI: +10 HP: +100
Effect: Seething Fury (Worn)
WT: 2.5 Size: SMALL
Class: ROG