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Runnyeye Warbeads (Rivervale)

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Original Classic Era (added 1999-2000)
Sheriff Roglio
Start Zone: Rivervale
Quest Giver: Sheriff Roglio
Minimum Level: 5
Classes: All
Related Zones: Misty Thicket
Related NPCs: a goblin


  • Bixie Berry Buns
    Bixie Berry Buns
    Item 1021.png

    This is a snack!
    WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

  • Tagglefoot Tingle Drink
    Tagglefoot Tingle Drink
    Item 717.png

    This is a drink!
    WT: 0.4 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL


Note: Amiable faction or better is needed. I was indifferent to Sheriff Roglio and when I asked, 'What danger?', he said I must prove myself first. He said the same thing when I attempted to turn in the warbeads. Need confirmation that amiable faction is good enough.

Sheriff Roglio is located at +90, -150, on the second floor of the building containing the bank and warrior guild.

You say, 'Hail, Sheriff Roglio'

Sheriff Roglio says 'Hail, ______! Stand tall whenever you are speaking to the Sheriff of Rivervale. I command the warriors of this vale. You must be new to the ranks of the Guardians of the Vale, so be sure to report to your squad at once. We must protect our people. The [danger] has come closer to home. If you are not a deputy, then please leave these halls.'

You say, 'What danger?'

Sheriff Roglio says 'What danger?!! You must be new to the community. The goblins of Clan Runnyeye have been scaling our wall somehow. You must join our forces in exterminating every one of those beasts. Your wages are earned with every four bloody goblin warbead necklaces you return to me. Now be off and fight the good fight.'

Hand in 4 x RunnyEye Warbeads.

Sheriff Roglioo says 'Good work, Deputy ______! We shall soon rid our countryside of the goblin threat. Here are your wages. Eat well tonight!'

You gain experience!! (p99: ~5% of full level, for a level 8 human monk, 9% for a level 7 Halfling Rogue)

You receive 8 silver from Sheriff Roglio.

You also receive Tagglefood Tingle Drink and Bixie Berry Buns.