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Series C Black Boxes

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Manik Compolten
Start Zone: Ak'Anon
Quest Giver: Manik Compolten
Minimum Level: 1
Classes: Warrior
Related Zones: None
Related NPCs: Clockwork XIIC, Clockwork XVIIC, Clockwork XXVIC, Clockwork XXVIIC, Drekon Vebnebber, Jogl Doobraugh


  • Unknown (See Related Quests)


Manik Compolten in the gemchoppers hall will also ask that new warriors take keycards and go retrieve blackboxes from series C clockworks.

He asks that all four boxes be returned simultaneously, meaning that you must return after getting each one to get another keycard. This quest is performed by wandering around Ak'Anon and giving the keycards to Clockworks with a C in their name.

You say, 'Hail, Manik Compolten'

Manik Compolten says 'Greetings, young one. I am Manik Compolten, High Watchman. Are you a [new warrior] or an [experienced fighter]?'

You say, 'I am a new warrior'

Manik Compolten says 'It is always good to see new blood amongst the Gemchoppers. I have a small task for you. Take this keycard. I will give you only one at a time. Use each to obtain blackboxes for the C series clockworks. I am sure you are familiar with the clockworks. When you are done, bring them all to me. Let me know if you need another keycard.'

The locations of these clockworks are:

  • XIIC On an island in the middle of the lake. (You'll have to swim to get to it.)
  • XVIIC Just outside the Mines of Malfuntion (between 9:30am - 8:00pm). (He's the newbie area 'guard'.) or also just inside the zone from Steamfont.
  • XXVIC In the palace near King Akanon's room.
  • XXVIIC Near the tunnel that leads to the Mines of Malfunction. (In the paddle wheel room.), or at the top on the Akanon Wall.

When you give the series C card the following factions change:

Return all four C blackboxes for experience and the following faction changes:

Manik Compolten says 'Ah!! I see you had no problem finding all of the C series clockworks. Good work. Here. Take this blackbox. We received it from Clockwork 27C. Take it to Jogl Doobraugh. He is the operator of the only blackbox definer in Ak'Anon. He is out at the windmills checking on their operation.'

Mantik then gives you a Blackbox XXVIIC to take to Jogl Doobraugh who is in one of the windmills. He then gives you a note to take to the merchant Drekon Vebnebber in the warriors guild. These factions will change when you give the black box to Jogl:

Jogl Doobraugh says 'Hmmm. Here you go. Take this log to Drekon Vebnebber. He is the in-house merchant at Gemchoppers Hall. It is his duty to file away all these logs.'

These factions will change when you take the report to Drekon:

Drekon Vebnebber says 'Why, thank you. Hey!! This log indicates some messy business is going on at the scrapyard. Something happened to a group of gnomes. They never came out!! Go check out the scrapyard! I believe the rumors of [Red 5] are true.'

The quest FORKS at this point. There is MORE THAN ONE report you can get from Jogl. The quest you get from returning the report depends on which one Jogl gives you. You will either get the Red 5 quest or the Duster Models quest. As a side note, I have been told to be sure to ask Manik about the Asylum of the Mad and about Meldrath.

Red 5 Quest

See Red V Clockwork page.

Duster Models Quest

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